Guys: thoughts on pink hair streaks in brown hair? pic included

bright pink (about 1 inch wide, on each side of hair)

is that cute or attractive or whatevr?

i have tan skin, bright big/blue eyes, and am 5'4. thoughts pleease.

need to impress someone if ya kno what I mean hahaa

sorry no pic. I don't have enough points to post one. =/


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  • Hey,

    While I can't see the pic, if it works it works. But just having pink hair isn't necessarily going to lead to dating this guy. Try to also talk with him, let the hair work for you as a conversation piece but then lead the convo to flirting and so on and so forth. Eventually, he'll either ask you out or he won't -> in which case you should ask him to.

    That's how its done!

    Is confidence sexy? -> link

    What attracts a guy to a girl? -> link

    What turns guys on? -> link


    - Evan


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  • yeah, don't do it to impress someone. do it to express who you are. if you like it do it, if you don't really like it but just wanna impress this guy don't do it.


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  • If you like it that's all that matters.

    Every guy has different taste.

    Good luck.

  • I think it looks kind of trashy, but if you like it do it :)

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