How do I get over this girl?

And she looked awful.

So I saw my crush for the first time in a while. Basically a while ago I thought she had a crush on me and I asked her out and found she had a boyfriend for like 3-4 years and it did not end well for me.

I saw her tonight walking out of somewhere and she did not look good. Apparently she hasn't cut or styled her hair in a very long time. I have no desire to be with her, and I've been aware of this for a while, even the last time I saw her. Yet I'm still upset over her. I'm feeling fine now, but I know tomorrow I'll feel hurt again.


I think she's peaked and I don't think she'll ever move out of her home town. But maybe it's that she's accomplished a long-term relationship and I never have and I'm just jealous.


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  • Well, maybe she doesn't need to impress you by getting her hair styled and cut all the time? You aren't her boyfriend remember, maybe he likes it better that way? After all he is the one that she is going to focus on, not you. I mean, you are the one writing a question about her so obviously you care, and she is the one that is able to be in a relationship that is serious enough that she doesn't have to doll herself up for him. You should be jealous, because at least she has enough of a life that she doesn't need to go around saying you look awful on the net.

    • That's harsh. I'm asking this question to try and make myself feel better. It's not like I'm telling her she looks horrible. She is not affected by this question. I'm trying to vent the reasons why I should get over her.

      And don't judge me. You don't know what I'm going through to feel this way. I'm having trouble with this because I'm so stressed out. Maybe if you went to the doctor and heard "precancerous" or "if it's not an infection then it's your kidneys" you would be more understanding.

    • And you're right. She's probably happy and that's all that matters in life so she shouldn't care what she looks like if it makes her happy. I'm trying to remember her as unattractive to ease my pain.

    • If you're sick, focus on your own happiness, not her's. You could be happy if you were willing to let go, and move on, but you're not. And as much as you say its impossible to move on, its not.

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  • this deadly feeling is called 'Love'...n it hurts reeeeeeal bad!

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