A question for any other girls who use MAC cosmetics...help with questions?

This may sound like a dumb question, but does anyone know what the "NC", "NW" or "C" means next to the number for each shade of MAC's foundations and concealers? I know that the lower the number, the lighter the shade is (because all makeup brands are like that), but I've never known what the letters meant.


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  • NW mean neutral warm shades like say for example you have pink or undertones and NC is cooler tones like yellow, like me since I'm asian and most asians have yellow under tones.


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  • NC- neutral cool

    NW- neutral warm

    I think if you want to consider it this way neutral cool is lighter skin tones while neutral warm is darker. Like, I use NC25 MAC studio stick concealer and my skin tone is a light to medium ivory. While, my mother uses it in NW13 and has a darker skin tone than I.

  • Makeup Forever foundation for the win, but-

    NC means "Neutral Cool" and NW for "Neutral warm", but this is easier to remember =)

    NC means Not Cool = Warm skintones

    NW means Not Warm = Cool skintones

    Good luck.