Guys /girls , specifically for you all. What traits do you think people of your gender look for in a partner?

What do you think other of your sex look for in a girl/boy friend?

Everyone always asks what one gender looks for in the opposite gender. I'm just curious to know what you think your gender thinks of the opposite gender- as far as being potential partners.


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  • guys pretty much look for:

    pretty face (my favorite)

    big/nice ass

    big/nice boobies

    hair (my second favorite)

    personality (goes further than looks mostly for me)

    intelligence (most guys lie when they state it's importance)

    humor (I look for it but don't know other guys opinion on this)

    kindness (who wants to be with someone mean)


    • Intelligence (most guys lie when they state it's importance)-- meaning you think they care while they say they do not, or they do not while they say they do?

    • I think most guys take looks over intelligence often and only pay lip service to it's importance

    • Yea, not the guys I like- no rest for the weary- wicked- err , weary :)

  • Well, from what I've heard, the following:

    Being Tall

    Being Smart, but not "too smart."

    Being dominant and knowing how to "be a man"

    Being compassionate and "not afraid to show his emotions."

    Being a gentleman.

    Dark hair, beautiful eyes.

    Strong and muscular, but not a meathead.

    Sense of humor



    Great in Bed

    Is that right? Oh, of course, I forgot bleach white skin, sparkles, and a metrosexual.

    • Lol umm actually I tend to like darker skin and not too tall & toned but not all bulky lol & I don't know all the other things are not bad, but ya know, they can be worked on & depending who the guy is they don't all apply. Also lol I wanted to know what you think GUYS WANT in a girl- unless you are a girl?

      I may not have written it clearly. I want you to tell me what yo you look for & what you think your fellow bros look for in a girlfriend? :)

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    • Sophisticated, creative , accepting, talkative, good listener, knows when to be quiet, sexual, faithful..etc etc

      Of course its different for different people but that's generally what I think of, & being a girl I definitely don't feel OK being thought of as sweet & pretty with a nice body lol its kind of insulting, but I've never liked a guy that was content with this anyways, so its a moot point.

      I don't really expect less pressure to be on girls as on guys- perhaps that exists- but be boring.

    • To me, *intelligence* is not emotional, its logical. Part of being in a situation that is healthy for your over all cognition, I e you don't dumb down just because you spend lots of time with your so. *Honesty* so that things can reman rational. if people lie than everything gets reduced to he said she said and emotions controlling where otherwise clear communication would be had.

      While some men may not care about these things, I've never been interested in one who did not :)

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