What's the feature that turns you guys more on in a girl? (in considering starting a relationship)

1.The way she looks at you.( pls select if caring,sexy,flirty, pretty,or makes you feel like the one for her)

2.Her tone of voice ( pls select if flirty,sweet,strange,sexy,funny)

3.Her body and its language (the way her body looks and how she moves when she is close to you)

4.Her general appearance (outfit,hygiene,perfumme)

5.Her being charming (her entire aura in general)

6.Her being very hot and sexy

7.Her being shy eventhough its obvious she likes you a lot

8.Her being a thoughtful and not selfish person

9.Her being so smart

10.Her being fun and party animal


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  • I'm pretty sure all guys want a combo of those things.

    Plus there are always traits you can't describe that are just too unique.

    Good luck.