Introductions - What's your story?

What's your first name?

Where are you from?

How old are you?

Are you in college? What for?

What's your family like?

Where do you like to shop at?

What's your favorite food?

What's your style like?

What kind of TV shows do you like?

Any weird traits about you?

Just curious since I've been answering questions like all evening and I don't really know any of you personally. Well, as personal as you can on the internet.

Thank you. =)


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  • What's your first name?


    Where are you from?

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania :)

    How old are you?


    Are you in college? What for?

    Not yet, but I am in the Army Reserves.

    What's your family like?

    Pretty awesome... for the most part. I want my own life, but I still live with my parents, so yeah, that's a bit of a problem.

    Where do you like to shop at?

    Marshalls (it's cheap and I work there haha), Hot Topic, FYE, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy.

    What's your favorite food?

    White pizza :D

    What's your style like?

    I like skinny jeans, vans, converse, plaid, chains. I've got a few tattoos... it differs sometimes lol

    What kind of TV shows do you like?

    Don't watch TV too much but when I do it's usually Adult Swim. And I like anime, also.

    Any weird traits about you?

    I have a zombie half sleeve that's not done... I have a weird obsession with them. But other than that I guess there's nothing too weird.

    • Hi Lianne, nice to meet you. We're the same age and from the same place, Pittsburgh! That's so bizarre. @_@ I love shopping at Marshall's! I love their name brand stuff for cheap. I dress like your style sometimes and I have two tattoos. You seem like you'd be really cool.

    • :D that is pretty bizarre. I love the internet, bringing people together... haha

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  • 1. Sean

    2. Born and raised in South Florida, moved to Pittsburgh, PA at the age of 21 where I have been ever since. My mother moved up here soon after as well after losing her home to a hurricane.

    3. 30.

    4. Yes. Network Management.

    5. Dysfunctional and I couldn't give a crap about any of them.

    6. Motorcycle accessory stores, electronics stores, health food/gym equipment stores. I spend most of my money at various online motorcycle gear retailers, GNC, and Best Buy.

    7. My absolute favorite foods are macaroni and cheese, and seafood alfredo pasta.

    8. The way I dress is in comfortable, practical clothes such as standard-fit (not tight, not baggy) jeans or cargo pants and t-shirts and jackets. I wear long sleeves and long pants even in the summer because I'm extremely sensitive to sunlight. I don't much care about the way I look as long as I'm comfortable, have lots of room to move, have lots of storage space on my person, am protected from the elements, and and my clothes fit in a way that appeal to certain sensory input needs I have. Also, depending on where I'm going and what the goal is, I will either dress in bright colors to make myself more visible to others or dark colors to make myself less visible. This, however, is not my "style." It's how I dress. My "style" would not go over well in the modern world, so I don't dress in my "style." Basically I'd be walking around dressed like a character from a futuristic Sci Fi novel if I could. That's my "style."

    9. My favorite CURRENT show is Supernatural. It's the only thing I make it a point to watch on TV right now, aside from Comedy Central's Friday Night standup comedy mini-marathons that last from 8pm to 1am. I love standup comedy.

    10. Tons. Too many to list here.

    • Hiya Sean. That's cool, I didn't know you came to Pitt because of a hurricane that destroyed your house. O_o That's pretty random. Mac and cheese for the win because I hate any and all seafood. Anyway, yeah your style makes total sense to me after our past conversations but that's cool, to each their own. And whatever makes you more comfortable. Hope you feel better about #10 haha.

  • What's your first name? Greg but everyone calls me Bud, since I was little. And not because of weed although it's kind of fitting

    Where are you from? Rockford, IL

    How old are you? 26

    Are you in college? What for? Yes, IT - web design

    What's your family like? Great family but everyone has kind of gone their separate ways. It's always a blast to see them though.

    Where do you like to shop at? I'm a dude to the fullest and don't really care for shopping.

    What's your favorite food? Steak

    What's your style like? UUuuuuuh, whatever's clevers. Like to dress nice, but it's always sweet rocking a hoodie and jeans.

    What kind of TV shows do you like? Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Weeds, Dexter, How I met your mother, East Bound and Down, Californication

    Any weird traits about you? Sick sense of humor. Like giggling at a funeral. Also, not trying to be gross, but I can stay hard and orgasm multiple times consecutively. My record is 7 non-stop. I also used to make balloon animals, tend to always have a strange hobby.

    • LOL, Bud being fitting for your affinity of weed. Niiice. You certainly seem like a man's man with your steak and having little interest in shopping, so to each their own. Good taste in TV shows! I love balloon animals, cool hobby.

  • Patrick

    Limerick, Ireland.

    Just turned 20 there two weeks ago.

    Yep, I'm studying History, Politics, Psychology and Sociology.

    They're a wild bunch. Also very awesome.

    Jack and Jones (pretty popular clothes shop). But anywhere that sells good clothes really, I take pride in my clothing.

    Pineapple or cheese.

    Casual. Shirt (or t-shirt), jeans and Converse shoes are my 'holy trinity' so to speak.

    I love sci-fi shows like Lost, Fringe and Firefly, but my favorite TV show is The Wire.

    I have extraordinarily good balance.

    • Hiya Patrick, what an Irish name haha. That's cool though. Happy belated birthday, dude! History major. I love it. I loved my AP history classes in high school. Best of luck.

  • Alright ^_^

    What's your first name?


    Where are you from?


    How old are you?


    Are you in college? What for?

    Yeah. Violent acts of treason and arson

    What's your family like?

    Split in two - both parents are chill. And on one half, the family is sorta conservative, on the other half, totally f***ing like, proper gammy city dwellers, hahaha. I love that.

    Where do you like to shop at?

    Vintage stores and this alternative Music shop called Head

    What's your favorite food?

    Squid or Subway

    What's your style like?

    Modern in-vogue girls clothing mixed with vintage men's fashion, with a glam rock splash =] Big backcombed hair, big sunglasses, plenty of makeup, draping lace hooked on gold bangles, harsh leather blazer jackets, skinny jeans/denim shorts and lace tights, patterned 'funky' wide-collared shirts, tall red cowboy boots. ^_^

    What kind of TV shows do you like?

    Very few. The better side of sit coms, like The Young Ones, and uh, I think that's it really.

    Any weird traits about you?


  • What's your first name?


    Where are you from?


    How old are you?

    -17 in a few months

    What's your family like?

    -Pretty damn broken

    Where do you like to shop at?

    - 7/11 or shoppers drug mart... if you're talking about clothes, I buy all my clothes from Wal Mart

    What's your favorite food?

    - Anything with cheese

    What's your style like?

    - I think I'm smart, straightforward and laid back

    What kind of TV shows do you like?

    - I don't watch TV but I love video gaming

    Any weird traits about you?

    - I hate being photographed because you never know what you'll look like

    • Hey Alexander. Cool name. Sorry to hear that your family is messy. I really like your weird trait, it's so true!

  • Jack



    Yes, humanities and Edu degrees.

    Family is close, yet we don't talk much if that makes sense...

    Fruit in general is my fav.

    Shop at Best Buy

    Style is reserved, loyal, but dark

    Fav show is Daria, 24, Dexter, Dead Like Me.

    My weird trait is that I collect CD because I think they sound better than mp3s/itunes.

    • Hey Jack, I remember you. You called me too skinny. >:( But thanks for posting. That's really cool that you're from Ecuador, are the girls there usually heavier than I am and is that considered the normal over there? I LOVE fruit. And that CD thing makes sense to me if you use a stereo and not your computer to play them. Otherwise I don't know haha.

    • Says your from Nevada I ain't hatin jus sayin.. :]

  • Stalker much? Lol :P

    1) Eddy.

    2) Born in Corona, moved to Riverside, moved to San Rafael (San Quentin), Moved to Murrieta.

    3) 17.

    4) Nope.

    5) My grandparents aren't the most intelligent people, but I still love them to death. They're cool.

    6) Best Buy.

    7) Italian, American, Mexican and Asian food are my favorites.

    8) I either dress like a metalhead, or like a cross between a bro and a cholo (even though I HATE bros and cholos) so that would make me a brolo or something. Idk.

    9) Shows that are actually on the TV in my country? The Colbert Report, Stossel, The O'Reilly Factor, Metalocalypse, Spongebob Squarepants, The Simpsons.

    10) N/A. I'm boring.

    Damn. So many questions. I'm surprised you didn't ask for my social security. :P

    • Hey Eddy. Yep, you caught me. Wow, I didn't know you were only 17 that's crazy. I thought you were older than that. So you're still in high school then, you're going to college then right? I only have one grandparent left and she's kind of an old bag. She always finds ways to insult me or give me a backhanded compliment whenever I visit, which isn't often. But that's cute that your grandparents aren't smart but still lovable. Ignorance is bliss and all that. Anyway, good taste in grub.

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    • Oh, well I guess it's a good thing that you don't dress like a ghetto Mexican (whatever that looks like) or like you ride dirt bikes? Lol. Niiice about fire science-never heard of that major. My grandma used to be nice and quiet until her husband died, now she's a loud, boisterous, bitter bitch. And I can't make any guarantees. Statutory rape gets me all hot and bothered.

  • My identity and whereabouts are classified :P

    But seriously: Bill

    Tiny town nobody ever heard of.




    Salvage yards



    Walking dead,sons of anarchy

    I have this habit of involuntarily cracking my neck,it's like a twitch.

    All answers are dead serious.

  • eric

    las vegas




    i rarely shop but usually cash for chaos when I do

    philly cheese steak or pizza, depending on the day

    retarded and boring mostly



    why did you change your username?

    • Since her profile is now private, I'm guessing to avoid a stalker?

    • Lol hi Eric. That's really cool you live in Las Vegas. I totally want to go there when I turn 21 this summer but I guess I'll just have to settle for the Three Rivers Casino here in Pittsburgh. Do you like living in Vegas? You're probably not by all the lights and everything? Mmmm philly cheese steak and pizza. Good choices. I changed my username because creepy Indian dudes keep making accounts just to mess with me.

    • All these stalkers on here are lame, I don't blame you. vegas is alright, I could leave if I wanted I guess, since my dad lives in arizona, but I don't wanna go there.

  • 1) River

    2) Michigan

    3) 20

    4) Yes

    5) Major- Medicine, Minor- Computer Programming

    6) Very close tight knit family. Parents are still together & I have two older sisters

    7) When I have to shop (I don't really enjoy it, lol) I shop at JcPenney, Kohls...

    8) Blueberries

    9) Whatever looks good on the wracks

    10) ESPN, Bravo, Spike TV

    11) I actually enjoyed math in school, some would fnd that weird...

    By the way, you are very beautiful.

    • River. Cool name! That's really great you're majoring in Medicine and minoring in Computer Programming. That doesn't sound like an easy feat by any means. That's really cute your family is so tight-knit, that must be really nice. Oh my gosh I love blueberries too. Especially in a shake haha. I hated math in school because it's not my strongest subject but I absolutely loved history, no idea why. Awe thank you. :) That's sweet.

    • No problem, nice to meet you.

  • Serjio

    Phoenix, Az


    No, but I took classes for maketing and business

    Big family very diversity family.

    Macys, Men's Wearhouse, Department storys mainly.

    Professional and casual. I have fitted suits, shirts and pants, all the way to very causal look such as jeans and I t shirt.

    Family guy, I like Comedy Central, pretty much anything.

    Whenever Someone is mad, I tend to laugh. Not really good when the boss is pissed off and you are smiling.

    • Hi Serjio. Cool name. Are you originally from Arizona? That's cool you're from a big family, like how big is it? I consider my family big because there's 4 of us kids haha. I loveee Family Guy and Comedy Central, good choice! Haha, your defense mechanism against anger is smiling. I get like that sometimes too..definitely not the best in some situations.

    • Born and raised in Az. I have like 18 aunts and uncles, and too many damn cousins. Thanksgiving we need to use 2 rooms. lol

    • Oh my God that's crazy. I have one aunt I think and that's like it. I was adopted and my parents don't have many siblings.

  • I'd rather not have my identity stolen by some internet troll.

    • It's not like I asked for social security numbers, last names, exact addresses, credit card numbers, phone numbers, a recent picture. But alright.

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    • Yeah I heard about that. Definitely not cool.

    • Than what was your point in answering this? to bitch?

What Girls Said 12

  • Hello :)

    My name is Salina, I'm from connecticut, I'm 18 gonna be 19 on feb 2 which is on ground hogs day, I'm majoring in nursing , I want to be a nurse for premature babies because I adore little kids, I hate my parents, my dad is super religious, he is a Buddhist and my mom is a cranky heifer who is never home or takes responsibility for any of her actions. But my brother and I are best friends. I love shopping at forever 21, h&m, basically any place that sells cute clothes, I'm not that picky nor does brands really matter to me. I eat asian food all day everyday lmao, but my favorite food to eat is pizza, my favorite pizza place is 5 min from my house, its amazing :) I eat fast food so much though but I have a fast metabolism . my style is pretty simple, I'm always in sweats or yoga pants like those foldovers because I like comfy clothes, but there are times I do dress up. I don't really watch TV a lot but I still watch cartoons whenever I do watch tv.

    i have a lot of weird traits, I'm a slow eater, I talk to myself all the time, I dance and sing in the shower, I pronounce words weird sometimes like Massachusetts or Shitz zu <-- like the dog lol, I'm very friendly though I always love meeting new people


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    • I'm from Connecticut too!

      It's not that special here, haha

    • Connecticut for the win then. :P

  • Magdalena (but I go by Maggie!)

    Im from Southern California, I'm hispanic and sadly I don't speak any spanish.

    I'm 18

    yes, I'm going to a community college (p.s. hate it!, I regret not applying to a four year because the students are offense! lol) I'm majoring in Psychology and hoping to transfer out of state or to UCSB. I want to become a college career couselor, so I'm also going to pursue my masters. I want help students figure out their life, or be a life couselor.

    Family- hmm, kind of conservative but can be fun to be with...most of my aunts and uncles are HS they're always talking about school. I love my family, they're helpful and caring.

    I like to shop at Nordstroms, expensive but its worth every penny because the quality and style of the clothing outweighs the cost. but since we're in a recession, I shop at TJmaxx and target more often, its fun because I have a fun time searching for good clothing and I save money lol

    Food- I love exotic food, thai, chinese, japanese..most asian food! right now, I'm totally digging steamed dumplings, they're the best :)

    Style - not sure, I have a very relaxed simple classic look. I'm not into trendy stuff like neon pants or brightly colored clothes. I'll wear boot cut jeans with a spaghetti strap with a cardigan over it. I have a cardigan/sweater fetish...i love how soft and light cardigns are. if I had to pick a store that was my style, I would pick a cross between banana republic and urban outfitters.

    Tv shows - hmm currently I'm watching the new show The Living Dead. I'm not too good at keeping up with shows but I really like this one; the characters are really well developed and it feels like you're watching a movie.

    Weird traits - people say I have random thoughts and statements, not in a outgoing way but I forget that people are not inside my head and I have to explain where I'm coming from ha ha and sometimes I laugh out loud because I'll remember a random joke or funny story from a day ago or even years ago or sometimes I'll create a scenario in my head about what could happen if someone did this or that in a certain situation and laugh about it lol. I guess you could say that I could have a fun time sitting alone and playing around with my thoughts. ha ha I have a very good photogenic memory and imganation, sometimes...

    • Magdalena, wow, I've never heard that name before. So unique, I like it! Hahah that's too funny that you're Spanish and yet you don't speak any of the language. I can relate. I'm Korean but know absolutely none yet I'm fairly fluent in Spanish after 4 years of it during high school.. I agree with the CC thing. I'm glad I waited to attend a 4-year school. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Happen (long story) so I had to scramble to find a school to start at this spring. I had a backup school, the university where my sister attends but she doesn't really like it too much and wants to transfer here to Pitt her junior year. So yeah. And I'm glad I waited because I feel like I've grown up a lot and learned a lot since then. I feel a lot more confident in who I am and I really don't have time to care about petty stuff like I used to. I'm accepting of myself and others. :)

    • Cool, thanks :)

  • -Cortney

    -outside of Philly


    -I'm in college for communication sciences and disorders (speech pathology -> no one ever knows what my major means)

    -My family is awesome and crazy, we're really close

    -I shop at random places, I don't think I have more than 2 items from any one store. I also love antique stores.

    -hmm my favorite food changes all the time, since it's fall I'd say apple dumplings

    -My style changes too, usually I like to find ways to mix girly and edgy but lately I've either been really lazy and wearing yoga pants and a hoodie, or dressing up for internships, interviews, job fairs, etc.

    -I hate to admit this...but I really love gossip girl, other than that I mostly watch the travel channel, oh and glee!

    -I probably have a ton of weird traits, but none that I can think of right now

    • Is your name really spelled Cortney? That's pretty neat. I've been to Philly maybe once or twice, once was to go shopping at King of Prussia ha ha it was awesome but yeah. And that's cool that you're going for Communication Sciences and Disorders, I've never heard of that major. I too loveeee Gossip Girl and apple dumplings! Thanks for posting.

    • Yeah, my parents had to be different and leave out the "u" haha

  • 1. Katerina

    2. I was born in Venezuela to a Malawian father and a Thai mother.

    3. 17 going on 18

    4. Not yet..and I don't know what I would go for yet either.

    5. My family died before I got a chance to know them

    6. ANY book store

    7. I really like seafood...any kind of seafood. I'm not a picky eater.

    8. I guess you could call my style "classic" or "typical" or "farmish"? I normally wear jeans and a t-shirt...

    9. I don't watch a lot of TV to be honest...I think I watched 1 episode of Buffy, 2 episodes of Charmed and whatever my friends have wanted to watch when I've been with them. I don't really use the TV at all.

    10. I've been told that I'm really good at feeling what other people are feeling. I can look at my friend sometimes and figure out exactly what she is feeling--just not the reasons behind it. And..yeah..that's probably as weird as I get. ;)

  • What's your first name? bailey

    Where are you from? canada

    How old are you? nineteen

    Are you in college? What for? No, I work.

    What's your family like? I have two older brothers who live on the other side of the country. my parents have been married for 33 years , they are cool and pretty loving.

    Where do you like to shop at? anywhere - can find a cute outfit in almost any store. I'm a shopping addict.

    What's your favorite food? good nachos maybe.

    What's your style like? trendy, unique, fun.

    What kind of TV shows do you like? big brother, greys anatomy, glee, modern family, how I met your mother and biggest loser..thats about it for tv.

    Any weird traits about you? I can fit my fist in my mouth.

    • Hi Bailey. I think it was you who posted on that guy calling all girls wimps or maybe I'm mistaken, but either way I liked your answer and gave it a +1 haha. I like your taste in TV shows, Grey's and Glee for the win. Dude that's pretty freaking sweet you can put your fist in your mouth.

    • My hands are little ahaha!

      Yeah..that guy's an idiot, and glee and greys are the bomb - especially glee!. I'm gonna friend you for such good taste! . :)

    • Sounds good to me. I can't wait for next week's Glee!

  • What's your first name? amber

    Where are you from? originally from oregon but currently in bummf***t new mexico

    How old are you? I just turned 19 at mignight woohoo

    Are you in college? What for? nothing yet but when my daughter turns one I'm gonna go to school to be a nurse

    What's your family like? hippies, rockers, and theyr'e pretty cool

    Where do you like to shop at? anywhere that has clothes and shoes

    What's your favorite food? eh.. id have to say mexican

    What's your style like? I wear jeans and cute tops lol

    What kind of TV shows do you like? funny and reality (dont really care too much for tv)

    Any weird traits about you? um.. I'm obsessed with things looking as perfect as possibe rather its my bedroom or my makeup

    • Amber, sup girl? :P How'd you end up in New Mexico from Oregon? It sounds like you don't like it there too much haha. Happy belated birthday!!! That's great you're going to be a nurse, you seem like you'll be a great role model for your lovely little daughter. I love Mexican food too and I can totally relate to being obsessed with keeping my things in order.

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    • There's an island by Thailand called Phuckit.

    • Aww thanks yall :)

      iv moved all over the place and am gonna be moving again to lol.

      yea but it shows up on the map as aztec

  • Elizabeth or Beth

    Bennington, NE

    20 soon to be 21

    I'm in college for nursing

    My family is crazy

    Deb and jcpenney

    Italian or anything with chocolate and peanutbutter

    dessy or casual

    don't watch a lot of tv

    No weird traits that I can think of

  • What's your first name? Patricia The AwesOme :D

    Where are you from? Australia

    How old are you? 16

    Are you in college? What for? hum?

    What's your family like? AWESOME

    Where do you like to shop at? I HATE shopping, sorry girls :D

    What's your favorite food? TACOOOOOOOOOOOS!

    What's your style like? PunKKish :D

    What kind of TV shows do you like? COPS and JERSEY SHORE :)

    Any weird traits about you?

    im just awesome, you got to love me, its hard not to ;D

  • Layla



    im studying psychology

    my people are the coolest people in the world

    zara is pretty good

    greek salad! mmmm oh and I eat asian once and a while <3

    sophisticated..chic..edgy kinda look

    i really miss the hills :(..right now is..GOSSIP GIRL!

    mmm I could dislocate my fingers and arms.

    • Holy sh*t I love Gossip Girl, this season is the best yet. And oh my God that's disgusting that you can dislocate your fingers and arms. O_O

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    • Juliet isn't done..:]..haha yeaa this one girl gaged

    • Well, I mean she got caught. I can't wait to see what her, Jenny and Vanessa do.

  • Abbie

    from china,adopted now lives in us


    not in school

    family is crazy and weird


    asian food

    casual blue jeans tshirt

    mtv, family guy

  • first name: you can call me phil

    where are you from? the states actually

    how old are you? prime age I believe, When I'm 30 hopefully I will realize how really old I am but right now I'm not that old

    are you in college? Not yet, but hopefully I figure some thing. I want to work in an office, doing computer/paper work stuff. so we'll see

    what is your family like? 3 brothers, one is wierd. one sister, who is over dramatic, attention hog. and I have normal religious parents

    where do you like to shop? target, walmart, grocery stories...

    favorite food? granny smith apples

    what's your style? no hole jeans, regular t-shirts 3/4 sleeve, that has NOTHING on them, just 1 plain color (mostly gray, black)

    tv show? I don't watch TV but I do like peanuts (you know? charlie brown, snoopy)

    weird traits? I don't think so... I guess I could be really happy but have confusing thoughts.

    • Hey Phil. Interesting name for a girl. :P I like how your answers are all really vague considering you're posting as anonymous and that's okay. Haha I think everyone who has a sister can attest to her being a drama queen. I definitely dislike ripped jeans too! Thanks for sharing.

  • What's your first name?

    -Hi, I'm Anonymous. :P

    Where are you from?

    -The United States.

    How old are you?


    Are you in college? What for?

    -Yes. I wish I knew.

    What's your family like?

    -Eh, I've seen better.

    Where do you like to shop at?


    What's your favorite food?

    -Chinese, seafood, candy

    What's your style like?

    -Jeans and a t-shirt kinda gal.

    What kind of TV shows do you like?

    -Criminology, comedy, cartoons

    Any weird traits about you?

    -Not really.

    • Hi Anonymous. Your answers are all pretty vague too haha. But I like Chinese food and candy too so at least we have a commonality there.

    • Well Tia, we both also live in eastern America.