Would you consider a shy girl cute? Or annoying?

I'm not really shy. I joke with him, play with him, and tease him back. I try flirting with him, and sometimes even make a fool of myself. But when he gets serious, physical, or insists on holding my eyes, I get really nervous, blush, and look away. I'm not able to meet his eyes for more than 3 seconds, because if I would I know I would get tomato red.

Would you find that cute? Or would you prefer your crush to be more direct?


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  • it can be cute. but being shy will keep you from doing/saying things you want to do/say. so whether it's cute or not shouldn't be the question. it should be "is being shy good?"


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  • Hey InLoveGirl,

    Being shy can be cute, as long as you actually do stuff. If you are being shy and not doing things whatsoever, that would be annoying or frustrating for the guy.

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    - Evan

  • It's completely adorable and the fact that you're concerned about it being bad makes it twice as adorable.

    Wtf. >.<


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