Should I trim, shave or leave it?

I trimmed it off.
So , see and tell me how does it look now.
Should I continue with trimming, or completely shave /wax it?
Also tell should I trim /shave the arms and legs?
Should I trim, shave or leave it?

Prior to trimming :
Should I trim, shave or leave it?
Also tell what to do with legs :
Should I trim, shave or leave it?
  • Keep trimming chest and stomach , leave legs and arms
    Vote A
  • Trim Everything including legs
    Vote B
  • Shave / wax chest and stomach, leave arms and legs
    Vote C
  • Shave / wax everything including legs and arms
    Vote D
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  • Stay natural. I just don't get this whole shaving thing.

    My girlfriend actually likes body hair on a man. She likes my chest hair and when one time I shaved my pubes, chest hair and armpits to surprise her she was surprised all right.

    She hated it!! She said that she wants a man to look like a man and not like a boy who has yet to go through puberty.

    She says that she actually likes to run her fingers through my chest hair and that when she licks my balls - which drives me crazy - she actually likes that, as she calls it, tickling sensation she gets from my pubes. (Since I have never been down there on me, I take her at her word. All I can say is that she does not shave her pubes and I much prefer that.)

    She has even told me that she likes that I have a hairy ass and that it feels good when she rims me.

    Also, it turns out there is a reason why evolution has left us with a certain amount of body hair. Researchers have discovered that pheromones escape the body when there is no body hair to hold it in. In effect, you are letting your sex appeal evaporate into space.

    Anyhow, trimming looks contrived and artificial, and shaved - beyond the health issues - looks like you could not make it through puberty. Why would you want THAT look?

    • Women don't have body hair... and men who have smooth chest and stomach... does their pheromones evaporate?πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

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    • I would prefer trimming, but if you were my man I would like you to be comfortable with yourself!!

    • @Andytherese unhappy
      Trimmed legs and thighs as well?

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  • In my opinion, that about likings. I mean, if you feel comfortable with it then leave it and just trim it. I personally don't like chest hair.
    About legs and arms, it's not that bad as you think. They look like a man's legs and arms πŸ™‚
    If you definitely want to remove chest hair, I don't recommend you to wax it. Due to the amount of hair that you have there, you could remove part of your skin too. If you want a permanent removal then I'd recommend you the laser, but if you don't consider it that necessary, then I'd recommend you to just shave it.
    On the other hand, you could try a hair removal cream, I adore one called "Nair", it's AMAZING! It burns the hair where you applied it but always keep in mind the time or you could burn your skin. No, it's not that complicated, just read the instructions before using it. NEVER leave it more time that it says. To avoid allergic reaction, you better try a little bit on an arm or a leg and see... You apply it, wait and wipe it.
    I hope this helps you clarify your ideas πŸ€—

    • Thanks for being so deep in the answer. It's appreciated.
      Nairing would give better results than shaving/closely trimming?
      And even you feel legs and thighs are absolutely fine left natural?

    • With Nair you'll remove the hair from wherever you apply it, that's like shaving but without ingrown hairs. You'll have soft skin for about one week (that'll depend on your body, we all are different).
      Yes, no problem with hairy legs and thighs.

  • I personally like my men well groomed, that’s why my answer was β€œShave/Wax everything including legs and arms. But at the end of the day or night (etc), lol. It’s all up to you & what makes you happy.

    You could also just shave/wax your chest, stomach and arms but leave (trim) a little hair on your legs.

    But again, whatever’s best for you.

    • If a man is this way and all natural... can you like him and even spend night with him?πŸ˜’πŸ˜šπŸ˜‚

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    • I just meant would having all natural very hairy body be a deal breaker for you?

    • If he’s intelligent and respectful, no.

  • You look good as is.
    If you aren't comfortable with it then try shaving or waxing. It will grow back eventually right?
    I wax the side burn area of my face.. why? Not because its extremely hairy or noticeable, but because I personally like the feeling with no hair and feel more confident. My ex never understood, he said he couldn't even see the hair but it bothered me. Its all about what your comfortable with man

    • Nice mature answer!
      Hey, personally as a woman how would you feel about such a very hairy man, all natural?
      If you ever see such a man wearing a shirt and you see his thick upper chest hair at top of the button down shirt and his exposed legs in shorts?πŸ˜’

  • Well, what do you want to get from this? Be more attractive to others or be fine with yourself? I don't particularly find it unpleasant but other girls may do so. So think for yourself first. If somebody doesn't like it, there will be others that do. That's how life goes

    • As a woman would you prefer all this shaved off including legs? Just wondering.

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    • Then the chest and stomach hair all natural doesn't feels nice to touch!πŸ€”πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

    • Hahaha It is weird I know. But if the chest looks way to hairy I dont like it. But that's me. And with the legs and arms i just looks like normal to me

  • This is you?
    I almost spat out my Tostitos from shock!

    Why the fuck... Are you insecure? You're handsome as fuck. And that beard sneak in that picture almost got me wet.

    Got me feeling guilty bc i got a boyfriend smh shame on you for making me feel this way with this unexpected post lmao

    • Keep it natural!! I have honestly never heard of a women in real life who shamed and hated hairy guys.

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    • Don't mind, but around how many women have you listened/talked to about hairy men?
      If you don't mind can you show this question to your friends and ask their suggestions?

    • Uh sure and i didn't keep track on how many women said that... But i know it was many of them if not all of them

  • It's your body, you can do whatever you want, whatever makes you comfortable. But if you still want my opinion, I think you should just trim the chest and stomach - it looks good, but you can leave everything else natural.

    ~ Descat

    • Thanks for the answer!πŸ‘
      Just curious, why is it okay to leave legs and thighs all natural very hairy?

    • Because, it is good. It already looks good.

    • What if YOU were such a very hairy man..
      What would you do to your hairiness?
      And what about the private hairs?

  • Although I am very unattracted to a lot of body hair, some women love it! Do what you're comfortable with and don't worry about other people's opinions

    • How do you know some women love it?πŸ€”
      And you like shaven legs on men?

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    • I guess I just don't like a really hairy chest or back. Arms and legs aren't bad

  • You’re chest looks good, looks like a β€œhappy trail”. Arms are fine. Legs are hairy so could be trimmed a little, might get a little itchy and sweaty during the bump and grinding but overall looks good

    • Chest and stomach looks fine but legs look much hairier?πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Okay. Personal perception!
      So, personally you feel I should trim down the legs and thighs but chest and stomach is all good left natural?
      Although you do feel that hairiness would get messy during intimate moment?

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    • Have you ever had experience with a guy with shaved body as well as groin area?
      Does intimacy/ sex feels better with shaved / waxed body and groin?

    • I’ve only ever been with the person I’m with now sexually. So no.

  • It was fine the way it was before trimming
    Don't get me wrong
    It still looks nice with the trimming, just before it was better
    But that's just my opinion

    • Okay :)
      Should I try trimming or maybe shaving the legs and arms? I mean personally would you like it that way or all natural?

    • Don't shave or trim anymore

  • You need to stop worrying, sweetheart. Whatever I have as a personal preference shouldn't influence you.. I'm not the person you will end up with, and I'm not you. It's physical preference that will guide you here, yours and who you love (or will come to love). I can't guide you in this more than say what @nightdrot and @whyamihereidk said. You're perfectly fine. DON'T TRIM - chest looks great and much better untrimmed. Don't go after ideals that are unimportant.
    Your personality is going to be what is important. Not your body hair (as I said in other post) :)

    • Wow...
      Untrimmed chest and stomach looking better?πŸ€” Thanks
      How about the legs and thighs?

      Also , personally you just want me to shave shoulders, butt and pubif hair?

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    • Somewhere you have to stop, and decide ;) The range of preferences by everyone is too large of a playground.
      Go with the opinion from those people who matters :)

  • I think your arms, chest, and stomach are fine. But my opinion would be that you should trim your legs a bit. But I must say that you are hella sexy and I think you are fine with whatever you want. It doesn't matter what others think

    • :) okay!
      by the way your opinion is quite different from other people. They generally find the chest and stomach too much hairy and want it shaven.
      While you say that's perfectly fine. Cool.
      I want to ask, would you be okay with such hairy chest and stomach if such a ma was your boyfriend , on a hot sweaty summer day?
      Also, you would prefer legs should be shaven off before wearing shorts in summers?

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    • UmmhmmπŸ‘
      Do you like full bush on your women as you do on men?

    • To me that doesn't matter as much as I'd like to see hair on men, but yeah they could have a full bush or be hairless and I wouldn't mind either way

  • You look good!! I would leave it just as it is. Only trim chest if it’s uncomfortable for you (like too hot) also between trimming and wax, I recommend wax, even if the procedure is more painful because when the hair starts to grow back after trimming, it’s quite itchy

    • Waxing the chest and stomach is hell.
      Also the ingrown hairs itch too much! :/
      You recommend waxing the legs as well?

    • I prefer wax to trim because the hair after wax grows soft and with no hard ends... yeah, I think wax in chest and stomach must hurt jajaja!! But frankly I wouldn’t change any. You look great

    • If you personally were such a hairy man, then how would you feel and what would you be doing?

      And as a woman now how do you feel about thick upper chest hair visible at the top of a button down shirt?

  • Okay...
    I answered your questions before as well I think
    And my answer was stay natural.
    Since I think it bothers you so much and is making u lose self esteem... u should continue trimming.

    It's not that u have an unattractive body so just do what u are happy with and STAY CONFIDENT!

    Leave the arms though!
    Legs and thighs... don't do anything yet.
    And when u find someone you wana spend your life with, get their opinion instead of us, all random girls! Good luck πŸ˜„

    • Hey, thanks.
      You answered my question other than this as well, but am sure you haven't seen pictures back then.
      So, despite seeing the pictures, you feel it's all good even when left all natural everywhere?
      Do you think, legs and thighs wouldn't bother you as well as most other women?

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    • Wouldn't it be odd to shave the thighs but have very hairy natural lower legs!

    • haha
      i thought that goes without saying.
      of course u have to get rid of the leg hair along with the thighs
      sorry... my bad XD

  • Damm!!! Don't you dear. I love myself a hairy man non of these waxed chests and legs please for me. i want a man not a little boy. I want a big cuddly werewolf to cuddle up to

    • Cuddly werewolf is a compliment or... an insult...πŸ€”πŸ˜’

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    • Damn..
      The legs and the natural chest and stomach picture is ALL natural, full grown. It doesn't get more hairier;πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
      Keeping that picture in mind z let me know, trim, shave, wax or let it be natural?


  • I don't mind body hair on a dude. What I do find strange is men who have zero body hair. Like, HOW does that even happen!!!

    • Do you mostly see men with waxed smooth body as smooth as yours?

      And don't you think this is excess hairiness, and you would not like it this level?

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    • I've never really cuddled with a dude, but if I did it would be like cuddling with a dog. SOOO CUTE!

    • Is it an insult... a compliment...
      Should I be happy or sad...
      I don't know
      I really really don't know.
      A dog...πŸ€”πŸ˜’
      Cute to cuddle...😠
      What :/
      Hairy man is equivalent to an animal?

  • Why there is no option says (don't shave a thing)?
    Mm, you don't have to shave your arm, stomach and beard.
    Your legs... I almost see your knees. Anyway are OK and if you usually shave them, stop!
    That will make you hair grow fast.

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    • Ok , maybe they wanted 5 -10 hairs in the cleavage and some around belly button.. πŸ˜‚

  • A good trim can never hurt. Just as you maintain your hair on your head I am a fan of grooming body hair. I guess to me it shows that you put in effort towards your appearance and that is attractive to me because it shows that if you groom your body hair you definitely as well shower every day lol

    • Trim my chest and stomach more than what I have doen in the first picture?
      Also trim down the legs and thighs?

  • Oh god. You've got no problem. Your body hair is finee! Gosh I'm tired of answering questions about your body hair. Jeez. You're totally fineeeee!!! Nothing gross dude. You're totally absolutely finee!!

    • I remember you have answered me once on my other hairy question as well. And then you said it's disgusting to be this hairy and that you hate hairy men. Infact you prefer shaven legs on men if it is too hairy...
      Although you do like well kept beard.
      Do I remember you right?πŸ˜‰
      But here you say a different tune πŸ€”πŸ˜’

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    • O wow. I am so jealous of this guy! He didn't have to shave his face so often and get prickly stubble. Good. But he still had coarse leg hair :/ .
      He might have so smooth chest and stomach, naturally. That's great. He didn't have to worry much about what women would feel about his and worry about rejections.
      Was he comfortable or insecure about it? Although am sure he had no reason to feel insecure

    • Yeah he had a lot of hair only on his legs and arms. And nah he didn't feel insecure about this. Although he always wanted to grow a beard

  • Oh wow, hell nah man leave it! I hate how every shaves now. One, the ingrown hairs how the fuck do u deal with small tight red itchy acne like thing? 2 hair on a guy for me says he's not 13 years old lol. Keep it dude, dont care what anyone says. Hair is hot lol, I'm also old fashioned

    • I get it that you prefer somewhat hairier male body as it shows adult and maturity.
      But as you see mine is excess hairy. It really is thick overly hairiness.
      You would like it all natural, even in summers or during intimate moment, if your man was this way?
      All natural very hairy everything?

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    • Why is everyone taller...

    • Are u short than me?

  • I think you should stay natural. Own it. This contradictory cuz I don't like hair on me... but I think you should own it.

    • As a woman, in general how do you feel about men having lot of body hair as I do?
      And you say you hate hair, yet why do you say I should let it be all natural?
      Be frank

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    • My Mother doesn't care, and neither does he. My boyfriend actually doesn't have as much as you do, and he doesn't shave most of the year, but in the summer he waxes, imagine steven kelly or something.

    • You like shaven men, right?
      Bald penis area?

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What Guys Said 31

  • Looky mate. I got a bit more hair growth myself. I used to shave but if I am not feeling up for it then I just embrace it instead. Undo a button extra. Make it clear you got that gorilla chest. Then any girl who is still into you when you go out either likes it or does not mind.

    I think you are obsessing about something pretty minor.

    • It's not so minor things.
      Well, hey , do you think I should also trim my legs and arms along with chest?

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    • That has never ever happened though. I am much more than an easily changable part of me. If we hit it off and she isn't into the more hairy look I can spend 10 minutes a week to shave. No problem. Most girls won't skip a guy they like on something so silly and easy to change. And quite frankly the girls who do are probably not for me. I am fine with that. :)

    • @Effably I hope the asker takes what you've said on board and listens to you, I think he's worrying over nothing. The right girl will accept him the way he is, he looks like a normal male to me.

  • I use to worry about it because I've noticed that not a lot of guys are as hairy as you'd think when people like us are compared to them. I've come to accept it AND actually like it. Makes us stand out. Be proud fellow man.

    But also if you yourself don't like it then you do what you feel is best!

    • Are you also as hairy as me, the pictures above?

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    • You used to shave private hairs and girlfriend liked it shaved?

    • lmao I keep that trimmed only.

  • I trim my chest so it wouldn't be like sandpaper the next day nor gorilla hair
    The chest (and groin area) is necessary to trim at least, in my opinion because hair there grows in all directions and is somewhat curly. Those two features make the chest hair look so fucking ugly.
    Hair on legs and hands is even and grows in one direction which makes it look acceptable.

  • I don't have the same amount of arm hair as he does but I have hair on my chest and back and pubes. I have never heard a word in criticism. I have heard a few pleased comments. I do think that taste has changed over the years. In 60's most women wanted their men to have hair. Now it seems like lots of you women don't like it. I have been told that their is a rebirth of women keeping their pubes natural except right around their pussy lips. Read that in a women's magazine while at doctors. True?

  • I think you should let it grow. As a guy who can't grow much hair at all. I envy that you have it.
    It is a bit much. But trimming is good if you don't like so much. I don't think you should shave it off. That's a waste in my opinion.

    • By the way. Why did you invite me to these questions? If I may ask.

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    • Okay I will.

  • You have your answers there dude. You look good. Be confident and don't work your brain on this unnecessary shit. I'm sure there are a lot of women who loves your type. Just be confident. You're a man!

  • Leave it alone - you're a man, not a woman, or a girlie-man. Right?

    • Are you this way?

    • Pretty close. Grandpa looked like a sasquatch. :)
      I've never had any kind of issue with the ladies - they are far more interested in your physique, your talents, your confidence, and your bank account. :)

    • Ding ding ding we have the truth 🀣

  • Many chicks dig a guy who is hairy. Make the best of what you've got!

  • I have the kind of hairy body as well and I only trim every once in a while the back and chest. No often though. I used to years ago but then got used to it and it actually does not bother me much.

    In my own opinion, just do what you seem looks good for YOU, not for others. At the end, that is your body, just like most men like the gentle soft skin of a woman, most women like the chest hair on a man's body. Of course, we are all different and may not have the same taste.

    I have voted for option A, but frankly, I think you can do what you like because that is your body, and if you like trimming it, then go ahead.

    I totally agree with @genny0123 on this topic my friend.

    Shaving and trimming will make your hair grow bolder with time and lose the soft sensations women usually get by stroking it.

    Again, that is your body and you are free to do whatever pleases YOU and only YOU.

    • Being too hairy sort of sucks

    • Totally understand you, and if this is how you feel, and if trimming makes you feel better and in your own element, then go ahead, do it.
      That way my point from the very start.
      Do what you feel suits YOU better, only YOU.
      It is your body and you are free to do whatever you want with it :-)

  • You just gotta trim your chest every now an then. Same with me really, but you got a good looking body otherwise 😁

    • You trim yours as well?

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    • Do you just slightly trim it to make it manageable or you trim it close to skin?

    • Slightly trim it

  • Maybe just trimming them a bit shorter then. Body hair is normal. It shows the strength in a man.

  • Not sure at all why you're asking me? I couldn't really care less nor have an opinion.

    • You seem to be smooth man!
      What if your guy friend was this hairy , would you be uneasy around him if he was shirtless?

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    • Maybe you would be ashamed to be with him around your girlfriend / female friends?

    • Don't have a girlfriend, and I rarely hang around female friends, but no, I still wouldn't.

      But to actually answer, I prefer trimmed. That's just what I would do if I was as hairy as you - by that I mean trim my torso, leave legs though.

  • Damn bruh... I wish my legs hair were as dark and prominent as urs... I bet chicks dig it

    • Why did you assume that the chicks dig it?

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    • Post your legs picture and ask a question and see!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

    • They will probably dislike it cos they see that im searching for attention but secretly they will love a hairy leg

  • If they can't accept you for who you are they are not worth having

  • i did a question on this u cam have a look at it but basically either trim a lot or shave

  • I kinda like it, but the legs are too hairy.
    Lowkey though, you're hot.

  • Leave it.

    • Would you leave it if you were this way?

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    • How do you know that not all girls not hate it.. Ever had a girl talk about hairy guys?
      And even now you keep your pubes all natural?

    • I’m just guessing. Nope. yes I would keep it natural.

  • dont invite me you fatherfacker ;DDDDDDdd

  • Leave it all.

    • If you were this way you would leave it all including bush down there?

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    • How has been the experience with women?
      Has any woman ever hated it?

    • I'm no lothario, no string of women. You're better off asking someone else. Wasn't an issue with ex. And shouldn't be an issue in a meaningful relationship, people should accept you for who you are

  • You gotta keep up with it and its going to suck.

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