Did she want me to look?

I am in class sitting with the the girl I like beside me, she has been doing the flirting but has pulled back. In the corner of my eye I see her fidgitting and she starts to take her jacket off. I look over, as she takes her jacket off she arches her back and stick out her chest. She had a shirt on that showed cleavage too. I couldent help myself and kinda stared. Later when we were in a different room she did the same thing. I have never seen her do anything like that before the move seemed delibrate.

also she tends to put her bag or a jacket on her lap sometimes, then on the floor and back and forth throught class. does that mean anything?

After what bunnytoast said I shouldclarify and add this: She does seem to flirt with me quite a bit, iasked this because it was so out of character for her to do it. she comes off as kinda shy around me.


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  • I'm not going to lie to you, it doesn't seem like it means anything. Girls are naturally just.. showy, we do things to get attention. Arching our back, wearing low cut shirts, moving our bags all bring attention to anyone's eye. I wouldn't take that as a vital sign that she likes you.


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