Men: Do you like girls who wear makeup? What about the girls hair?

So guys tell me what type of makeup can you not stand on a women: eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, etc. Or do you prefer a girl to wear makeup.

Also do you guys care if a girl fixes her hair or not? And what style you think is more sexy or unattractive.


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  • OK, here is a general guideline for makeup:

    1. It's fine as long as its not overdone

    2. That means little accents are good, but things like fake lashes, fake nails, etc. is too much (anything that would hinder functionality - like not wanting to play a game because you are afraid of "breaking a nail" - would be a bad thing)

    3. Guys prefer girls who don't need makeup to look good

    4. In terms of hair, if you have it brushed and it looks nice that's great.

    5. But... if it's obviously you've done all this work to your hair with elaborate schemes, most guys are just going to think you are high maintenance and that you will spend a lot of time on your hair in the future, possibly keeping them waiting, etc. so that would be a negative - save for prom.

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    - Evan


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  • Guys don't care about make-up.Last time I checked Maxim wasn't receiving any complaints.

    And one thing that bothers me,is when a girl does her make-up,but her hair is messy or she does her make-up but her hair is a mess.

  • Dudes like makeup as long as you don't look like a clown.

    And most dudes like your hair down or swept up in a ponytail. Both sexy.

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