Guys which girl would you choose?

there are two girls that you're friends with and you're attracted to both. they both make you laugh, they both have a great body and face and style to match, and you have fun with both of them as friends. however, one of these girls wears make up, and you think she's pretty, and the other does not, and you think she's pretty too. so which one do you think you'd be more attracted to the pretty girl with or without makeup.


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  • First off, very good question. A lot of guys would immediately go for the girl who doesn't wear make-up because being naturally pretty is very appealing. But I've had experiences and seen many friends who, because they were naturally very pretty, become incredibly vain people who become so self-obsessed, everyone around them begins to despise them.

    Now personally I'm attracted to subtle flaws, which shows that the person who wears make-up is human. The insecurity is very attractive, as it makes me want to help them. But the person who doesn't wear make-up must be quite confident which is a good thing as long as it doesn't go too far. To sum up, I'd prefer the girl with make-up as long as it wasn't applied to a massive extent. (Really sorry about the long reply :S )


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  • I'd probably choose the girl who wears makeup, just for the fact that there's something about makeup that adds a certain attractiveness you can't get from plain naturalness. But at the same time I wouldn't date the girl with the makeup if she looked like trash without makeup... I can understand being somewhat less attractive without the makeup but it can't be a complete 180 on the attractiveness-scale.

  • Usually make-up does wonders. But if the girl without make-up would look prettier than the girl with make-up, I would take that without make-up, and if she would put on make-up, she'd definitely look much better than the other girl.


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