How to tell if he likes me or is just looking for a hookup?

so there is this guy I have been interested in awhile but he was in a relationship so I dated other guys...him and his ex broke up like 3 months ago? and we hung out before they dated then stopped talking during their whole relationship except for random hi how are you's so over the past week and a half he kept asking to hang out and we hung out the other day and he kept saying my name at random times and there was one moment of the night were their was awkward tension like it would have been great if we kissed but I never make the first move and we both backed away and I helped him with this project and he wrote my name on the back it was really cute and we were watching a movie and my head kinda landed on him when I dozed off and he didn't move ore anything so I'm hoping he wants more then just a hookup? but we are both to shy too so I dk what to do...oh and I really like him and I haven't really been interested in a guy in 2 years... and I feel like there is something there but I don't know how to go about it?


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  • Well if he was looking for just a hook up, he had his chance, and by the way you described him, he doesn't seem like the hook up type. So I think your good, just try to be open with him and see if you guys will eventually go out.

    • Hahaha. that's the thing I open up in time and I don't know how to go about it becasue usually the guy is outgoing in my case but not him and I don't mind it I just don't know how to go about it...if that even makes sense.

    • Haha yeah I get that. Well just try to make yourself very obvious and start hanging out with him more, maybe you could even try making a move on him?=]

    • Ill try..and the thing is I feel like I'm gonna have to text him this time but he asked me to bake for him so excuse I guess ha ha I'm so bad at making the moves but ill try :) thanks!