What's the success rate of being straightforward?

So as a female, what's the chance for you girls to decide that you wanna hang out w this certain male individual ,that you don't know much about who's asking you for a dinner simply out of nowhere...? (please include reasoning)

And for males, feel free to share your story whether it's a success or a failure? I'm sure there are lots of us who'd love to learn from your experiences...


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  • If he said hi to me in the halls at school and if he smiles at me and makes eye contact when he can and then suddenly he walks up to me saying "Hey! so I was wondering if we could see a movie this friday?" I would be shocked, and happy (if I liked him) I'd say why not? and go for it. If it's a guy I like that I'm always making eye contact with and I always say hi to him when I can but I don't really know him, I'm definitely like it. but If he's a stranger who only passes me in the hall who suddenly asks me out, I wouldn't like that. I wouldn't like it because it's moving way too fast, going somewhere with someone on what seems to be a date when I hardly know this person. You gotta talk to her first, get to know her, then go and ask.


    I'd say yes to a guy asking to take me to dinner if...

    *He says hi to me every once in a while, we just don't have the time to talk

    *He makes eye contact with me when he can

    *I like him

    BUT I'd prefer he talk to me and get to know me a little, then ask me.

    I wouldn't say yes to a guy asking to take me to dinner if...

    *He never looks at me or smiles

    *I don't really like him/know much about him

    *He acts like I'm not there

    and this is based off a guy asking me out of the blue, all of a sudden, out of nowhere.

    • 1st female post... Thanks a lot for putting effort on your post w so much detail..

      from your post, I learned that I definitely need to make female feels that she's being noticed... because I usually ignore the girl I'm attracted to... I'm gonna put a little bit more effort on it..

      Keep it coming guys...

    • Yeah, you don't ignore the girl you like AT ALL. It sends the COMPLETE WRONG MESSAGE. You need to show her your interested, and then approach. Be friendly first.

      1.eye contact


      3.say hi

      4.always be a gentleman, she'll notice

      5.compliment her and mean it

      If you like a girl you gotta show her! Eye contact is just the first step! If you want the girl, you gotta show her you want her.

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  • I think as soon as you meet someone, you pretty much know if you would give them a shot; you know if you are attracted to them or not. As long as you don't act like a douche or something and just act nice and confident, even if you don't know her super well she should say yes if she finds you attractive and nice. HOWEVER, if she is already dating someone or if she just really, really likes someone else already your chances will go down regardless of your own actions.


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  • Really low, but the ones you meet are worth a lot more. To be honest I think it's a hell of a lot better to be straight forward and scare off a dozen girls than it is to play the game and waste several months of your life on one or two girls who never liked you in the first place.

    • Lol, that's exactly my reasoning why I'm thinking about going straight forward rather than doing the baby steps that might go nowhere

    • Well don't just walk up to some random person but honestly if you go out with a girl put the moves on right away - if you don't do anything physical in the first 3 dates you are pretty much toast.

  • Hmmm... well I can usually read people pretty well and avoid some rejection that way. If I start up a conversation with a girl I can generally tell if it's going well or what her intial reaction/mood is and would say about 70% have given me a phone number or email... but the real key is to turn these into dates and make sure they don't flake out on you or ignore you aftwerwards. I have had a couple girls who I thought were interested and have a lot in common from initial conversation just flat out reject me as well, haha... can't expect everyone to like you anyway, so just roll with it.