Get the guts to talk to?

There is this guy who always stares me straight in the eye and never looks away. I was sitting with my friends at lunch and he kept glancing over. He got up to go to the bathroom which required passing by me and my buddies and on his way back he stared me in the eye again.

Anyway, I wanna talk to him but I'm shy and don't know what to say! I think he might like me cause he's been staring like this for a long time but my friend kinda knows him and says he's shy too.

What should I say to him? I was planning on sitting with my friends and hoping he passes by me again so I can say something like, "I like your hair." ha ha or should I go up to him and ask why he always stares & that I'd really like to know

Your ideas?

Thanks for reading :)


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  • Eye contact is a huge signifier of someone being interested in you. Now yes, there could be like a "staring off into space" thing and you just happen to be in the line of sight, but if he stares at you all the time, I highly doubt that's what the situation is.

    Next time you catch him starting, look at him and give him a warm smile and then look down then look away. This will show that you're open and you notice him staring. Body language is VERY effective :)

    Starting with "hi" is always good and go from there.