Why do smart girls look down on guys?

Why do smart girls look down on guys? let's admit it. they need a man when they're tired. and when they found one, they act like they're the world, they speak like they're correct all the time and they never appreciate! why are smart girls like that? besides, they never driven by their emotions. does that mean they're going to live the rest of their life without a man? or they only like smart guys?


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  • I consider myself a smart girl. I don't act like "I'm the world". I don't look down on guys, but I do want to be with someone who I think has a similar intelligence level to me. I want someone who can challenge me intellectually and talk about the types of things that I like to talk about. I don't think I'm always right, but I do have strong opinions about things because I put a lot of thought into my beliefs and ideas. I want to be with a guy who does the same and is willing to speak his mind and challenge my ideas if he thinks they're wrong---but has a good argument for why he thinks they're wrong and can articulate his own ideas and justifications, even if he disagrees with me. I like a good debate. I think that sharing of ideas and considering other people's points of views is what helps you grow as an intelligent, thinking person.

    It's not that I have anything against less intelligent guys, but as far as a partner is concerned, I want to be with someone who can match me and even challenge me. That doesn't mean I'm going to "live the rest of my life without a man", there are a lot of very intelligent men in the world and I've already found one that I want to spend my life with.


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  • Being intelligent and being smart isn't the same thing.

    smart = someone who is knowledgable, well-informed in the academic sense.

    intelligent = someone who naturally possesses a certain level of knowledge and has a high mental capacity, i.e. logical thougt processing, being quick to comprehend, being able to analyse things very quickly.

    Now, you don't have to be intelligent to be smart. Anyone can be smart who has the drive to learn and follow textbooks.

    A smart person may be lacking the intelligance that would allow them to realize that they're acting like an idiot, and their actions are unjustifiable and irrational.


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  • what are you talking about?

  • Girls don't like boys they like cars and money.