I notice him looking at me?

So I smile:)

he smiles back, and throws me a cute little wave.

So I give him a cute wave back...

Mean anything? The extra wave? Or any of it? Do guys do that to just be nice?


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  • The wave means to show you that he has a friendly disposition, and is open to communication if you so desire. This is open ended, and can go to wherever you would like it to go. If he is a nice person with a good disposition, and you find him physically attractive ( a cutie-patootie) it is up to you.

    • Yes. I thnk he's cute1

    • A wave is an unambiguous friendly acknowledgement from him. Whereas staring as someone could be misconstrued either as he likes you are he is right creepy. The wave is an absolute dead giveaway he likes you.

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