Why did this man feed me BS, then withdraw?

I'm a 19 year old girl, 4.0 GPA in nursing school, outgoing, funny, pretty, the whole 9 yards.. I added this kid on facebook that I thought was hot (already sounds stupid, I know.) but wasn't planning on going out of my way to talk to him (or any guy because I'm so busy) he messaged me a few days after and we just so happened to completely hit it off.. it turns out he's 24, which is fine because I don’t have time for little boy games. he owns a huge cooperation in the city with his dad, which is a plus. he went on saying that he really feels a connection with me, Saying he met his match, and asking me what I was doing on new years, telling his family about me, telling me that I'm in good hands and he doesn’t lie, he's gonna put me first and make me happy every single day of my life, and he's a MAN not a boy!.. he would talk to me every second of the day and always made me smile..too good to be true. Would a guy say this stuff for no reason? Or is this some type of sick joke..

I felt like this guy was genuine. Now one day, he tells me to call him because he needs to hear my voice. I call and the convos are flowing.. he said he would call me back.. He never called back. I woke up in the morning to a text saying good morning baby have a great day today.. whatever. He does it again, not calling me back after he says he's gonna. I'm not needy, but don’t say your gonna do something and not. made me mad. The next day he said hey I'm on lunch, can I call? Didn’t call. he would say it out of nowhere and not follow through. Its not like I was like call me! what’s the point of that?

I tried flowing with his flow, if he didn’t text me, I didn’t text him. Reality- I was upset that he was withdrawing after feeding me b.s.. its not like I was looking for this to happen. I was honestly caught up in him.he slowly withdrew more and more but still showed he was interested.. “I can't stop thinking about you”.. so why aren’t you talking to me? I was getting mad. In the begging we planned to chill Friday saying he was gonna take me out to dinner then watch movies. He stopped bringing it up (so I didn’t ask).. I started playing his game by not picking up for him when he called and being real distant and finally blew up a little. I told him he playing me out I'm not beat. He said “call me”? but I obvi wasn’t gonna and after that he never said anything so obvi doesn’t care..I still kinda wanted answers.. the next morning I just said I wasn’t mad at him and is aware I have a lot to learn. I said I don’t have time to get hurt right now with school.. he said damn okay. I was expecting a “no I won't hurt you blabla”

I just don’t get why he would feed me all this bull when it was unnecessary”. Do you think it was all game? Or he just found out he didn’t like me? Could it have been my maturity level? Or was I overreacting. I'm not mad because its him (even though I loved the way he made me feel), but I'm mad because I hate liars. If he wanted to get my clothes off, don't say I'm your soul mate.


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  • He's an idiot that tried to play you which will happen more in life if you allow it