He doesn't want to rate me. Why?

So my guy friend and I were talking about our crushes, and we were rating them. The girl he likes, he gave her an 7. And I gave my guy a 7 as well.

Out of curiosity, I asked him to rate me. I've had people rate me before, so I thought it would be easy. But all he told me was he can't give me a number, and he refused to rate me. All he said that out of all the girls at a party we were at, I was the best looking. But still, no number. :S

Why wouldn't he if he was just rating his crush and other girls just seconds before? Is there a reason? I felt we were comfortable enough with each other to say anything even if I was rated a 0, haha.


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  • Simples, If he gives you too low a mark he may hurt your feelings (I know you said it won't matter but why run the risk - Same reason guys will answer you look great to the 'Does my bum look big in this?' question, even if you look like a whale stuffed into a suitcase). If he thinks your hot and says high he may worry about exposing hidden feelings for you (Do you know who he was referring to when he discussed his crush - Maybe he's already given you an answer).

    Short answer, he probably feels he won't gain much if he gives you an answer you like and has everything to lose if he doesn't. He's a wise man.

    ps Honestly how would you feel if he said you were a 1 or 2.

    • I wouldn't care if he gave me a 1 or 2, as long as it's an honest opinion. I personally don't think I am but hey, to each his own right? Thanks for the answer :)

    • People say they want the truth but after they're told it they're body language tells another story. Ever worked hard or had a friend who worked hard on a project in school but still got a low mark, they got an honest opinion but it still hurt and their reaction was prob to blame the teacher e.g. 'What do they know' etc.

      Anyway I'd give you an 8, I could upgrade you to an 8.5 but you'd have to blow me a kiss :)

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  • Because he is your friend if he gave you a number he would be afraid you wouldn't like that number and he didn't want to hurt your feelings.


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