Does getting a tattoo in the tramp stamp areas make you a tramp?

Okay so I have been wanting to get a tattoo for a long while mow. But the problem is I don't know where I want to put it. I have a slightly wide athletic body, so almost any tattoo would look good. I want to be able to show it off but also be able to cover it up for work. What should I do?


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  • It does't necessarily turn you into a tramp per-say, but having a tattoo their may give people the impression that you are slutty. I think that a better place maybe your ankle or foot. I have been thinking about getting a rosary around my foot. But I mean if you really want to get a tattoo there, I don't think that you should worry about what other people think.


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  • Tattoos anywhere on a womans body is going to give the impression of a certain type of woman.

    The reasons why its a turn on for men is because it draws attention to you. Meaning its like "look at me! look how hot I am!" and were like "O...K!" but if your ugly and have one its like look at me, look how hot I am! and then were like "GROSS! no thank you!"

    So based off that you should realize its not the tattoo that makes you hot, its your hotness that makes you hot.

    Which means if you are getting it to show off to men so that men will like you, and your ugly, its counter productive.

    If you are getting it to show off to men, so that men will like you and your HOT, its pointless, were going to think you're hot anyways.

    You can either ignore the stereotyping and go get a tatoo anyways and to hell what people think, (even though they are thinking negatively) OR you can save your money, and not get something that in 20 years is going to look awful.

    I know you have made up your mind in getting one, and are going to be pissed at this, but that's the reality you are dealing with.

    It would be some guy wanting to sharpen a meat cleaver in the middle of a club off in a corner smlinging fiendishly at women as they walk by, and him saying "i don't care what people think, I'm doing this because I want to." And then him later saying "why can't I get laid!"

    Its because that's what he chose to do, you chose something and now you have to live with the choice.

    • Nice phrase of words but I wldnt show it off to pick up guys cause I'm already married lol I would want to show it off for how good it looks. Cause the one I want glows in the dark to. I just ddnt want to give the wrong impression off. But how does a man sharpening a clever related to this? Lol

  • First, I hate the term“

    Tramp Stamp ” because

    a woman having a lower

    back tattoo doesn’t

    automatically make her a

    “Tramp”.Women should

    be able to have a tattoo

    anywhere on their bodies

    without prejudice unless

    the tattoo itself is sexual in nature..You know that tattoos

    are a very personal

    choice,so labels such as “Tramp

    Stamp”continues to

    perpetuate tattooing

    stereotyping and stigmas

    toward tattoos,

    especially women and I think its your choice 2 make

    • True ot is my choice but people.judge on looks now a days which is completly stupid. I like makin new friends. Do you think they are o nm ly called tramp stamps on simply how the girls act? Dnt get me wrong I love to party and drink nd dance to.

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    • Okay what about on the front side of a girls hips?

    • I don't think there's a another phrasal word 4 it..

  • Well of course not. But with my experience, all the woman that were considered easy had a tramp stamp. So people may think other wise, but you know your not so who cares.


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  • of course not. it's just a tattoo. it's for you,not for others.