What should I do for our sexy night?

So me and my boyfriend of 6 months recently broke up if you read my article you'll find out why well were just on a break and on the tenth of next month we are getting an hotel room and were going a month without sex and trying to better are selfs, I want to be all sexy and stuff for him and he said were gonna "do it all night long" what are some kinky sexy things I can do?

well I don't need a penis for anything thanks.


i can say ur the first person in the world who told me to grow a penis!

yah go me!


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  • If you want to get him going and you know what type of lingerie he likes, go online or to a lingerie shop and buy something that you find sexy and feel comfortable in that fits his taste. I also find it sexy when my fiancee uses toys on herself or me. Another idea is to tie him up and blindfold him and rub and tickle all over his body. Be sure to use your tongue. He will not know what is next and this will drive him wild. Lastly, if you are comfortable with it, masturbate in front of him or sit on his chest and masturbate. Being that close, or even seeing you do it at all shows you are comfortable with him and yourself and will create a good emotional connection. Hope this works and good luck.

    • Ooo I like that idea well he told me b4 we go to the hotel were going to generation x meaning we will be buying toys together =] which I can't wait to do; but he has seen me masturbate in front of him and I knew that it drives him wild but I like the idea of sitting on his chest nice =] I love it!

    • Good to hear...Actually went to Generation XXX today for some play toys for me and my lady (I guess we are both from the Chucktown area). Hope it works and trust me, the chest thing will send him over the edge!

    • Yes I'm from chucktown 843 =]

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  • Cherries sound very kinky and fun but I recommand that nothing goes "in" anywhere unless it's meant to go inside. If anything can go wrong, it WILL go wrong. Kinky is good. But let's stay on the safe side.

  • im jealous. this sounds like some fun stuff! lol if ya want something kinky.try having him put cherris in your vagina. my boyfriend hasn't had a chance to cause he is long distance but he thinks it sounds so hot and kinky. make sure he gets them out tho. lol

    massages are a good kinky thing if ya do them rite. get some massage oils to make it better.

    you could also get a costme and play out a scenario. just have fun!

    • Yah well were on a break as of right now =[ but he said I get to choice the hotel and everything I'm pretty excited. aww I'm sorry you have a long distance relationship hmm the cherry's thing is a great idea =] thank you! I know he said he's bringing whip cream lol