When a girl says 'how sweet' ?

We both like each other but had arguments so we both wanted to start again and get to know each other, she has some tough times at the moment..

Anyway I texted her "For some reason you popped up on my mind, so I simply wanted to say hi xxxx" and she replied 2-3 minutes later texting "Haha! How sweet, hello stranger, ha ha xxx"

I said "How are you doing? :-) xxx' she replies "erm not too good, yourself? xxxx"

(Her granddad had passed on a few days ago and really got to her) I told her that he'll be looking down on her and thinking what an amazing granddaughter he has. She replied " :( xxxx "

What's it mean when a girl goes 'how sweet' in that situation? What's the best thing to say next time as it seems hard to flirt with her, but I understand what she's going through.


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  • well in your situation, she probably genuinely means it


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  • It's hard to flirt with her because there's no tension.. You guys are trying to flirt in a way that resembles rapport - that is building trust more than building attraction.

    Flirting - is solely limited to situations where you feel tension. Imagine when you are about to jump out of an airplane from 3,000 feet.. That feeling, which resembles the first time you kissed a girl, or the first time you slept with one, etc and so forth - those are all examples of tension.

    Showing her support for her loss is a great quality - it shows that you are interested in something other than her vagina; but make sure you realize that in giving her support, you are not winning her heart, you are only winning her head.. She's thinking: "Wow this guy is really sweet / cool / caring".. And not: "Wow I want to F this guy"

    My advice - give her time to mourn but don't cut yourself short either.. Tell her: "Hey I need a walking buddy and you need to clear your head with the hectic week; would you mind joining me?".. She may say no, she may say yes - but who cares? NEVER cut yourself short.. Try again

    I hope it helps; but in the end, it will be a learning experience.. Give it time and effort - but pay attention so you don't have to go through any misfortunes twice.

    ~ ArtistBBoy