Confused, need help with finding out about this girl's intent?

I met this girl the other day to work (My route usually falls into [Take Train A to Train B to Train C to Train D] Yes I transfer trains a lot). She was sitting by herself in a two seater (I'd say she is a HB9, if that even matters because it is fairly biased scaling a girl from 1-10), so I decided to take the seat next to her. I didn't initiate conversation at all, in fact, I was straight up trying to sleep. About 5-10 minutes into the ride (during Train A), she made a comment to me about her coat becoming too warm due to heat from the train's heater. What did I think about it? No idea why she was telling me this. Anyway, since she made first contact, I decided to follow up with 'So what are you on the train for? Going to work?' And so one thing lead to another, and we talked all the way through Train C (where she went to her stop). Throughout this conversation, I had made her laugh/giggle and disclose personal information about herself such as family, aspirations, job, and insecurities (such as finding a job post internship...*NOTE* She is a year younger than me and is currently taking an internship. I on otherhand just started the real life working deal). So at the end of the day, I got her phone number and she said to text her my number when we got out of the subway. I did, but did not receive a reply.

Today, I met her on the train again. We sat together and ended up talking through Train C again. She ended up mentioning (I did not mention at all) that she was sorry for not replying to my text because she busy (or something to that extent). Again, our talk had little to no pause and was fairly productive.

Problem is, how do I know if she is interested in me? And do you think she just gave me her number (after I inquired for it) and keeps talking to me (I ask her questions as well as she asks me about myself) because she is just a nice person or is genuinely interested? I also found out yesterday that she mentioned she had bought something for her boyfriend (but that one sentence was the only time boyfriend was used out of the two and half hours I spent talking with her)

Two days ago, I saw her on the train and was talking with her again. I made a comment to her about my awesome tie that I had on and she pulled a sweater I had on underneath the jacket and said she really loved it. Also, she mentioned to me that she needed a good excuse to get out of work because her boyfriend was paying for a ticket for her to go visit her (He's in a far away state and much older 9 years?). But yeah, after talking about that she said she'd see me Monday.

So I saw her on Monday, we had a nice talk again. I tried testing my bounds with her. Moved in to whisper something in her ear, she moved closer to listen to me. I also found out she wasn't going to see her boyfriend due to work reasons.

Also saw her today, she said if I she I was going to be on the train tomorrow. I said yes, and she said 'Ok, good'.

BUt yeah, I would write more, but character limit


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  • Well she seems genuinely interested in you. However, I suggest finding out a bit more about her boyfriend. I suggest this because I wouldn't want you trying something with her only to give the reason that she has a boyfriend and from then on it being awkward. So maybe after a bit more info learned about where the boyfriend is situated in her future plans, then I suggest making the next step. But otherwise she seems interested in you, and you have a great chance with her if everything goes according to plan. Good Luck and I hope everything works out for you

    • hey man, thanks for the reply. WIth regards to where the boyfriend is situated, do you mean relative location or like marriage or something? I don't know how serious they are, as far as I know, he lives several states away and apparently was going to fly her out to visit him but plans fell through for her apparently and now she is not going.

      DO you think there's a possibility that she actually dislikes me and just talks to me out of courtesy?

    • By situated I mean, how often do they see each other, how serious is it, and what does she overall think of him by that I mean does she rave on and on about him or does she rarely mention him.

      She seems nice but I don't think she's just talking to you out of courtesy, she said "Ok, Good" when you said you'd be on the train Monday, so that means she is looking forward to seeing you. However, I know this may seem upsetting, she may just see you as a good friend to talk to, but she seems interested

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  • She sounds interested to me :) The sweater tug nice move :) Maybe she's just a flirty girl but that is how I would flirt with someone I liked! Good luck tomorrow.

    • yeah, here's the interesting spin. When I mentioned today that I was going out on Fri with some friends and that she (and whoever else she'd like to bring) should come along too. She said she couldn't because she had work on Fri and Saturday.

    • Did she hesitate when you asked or seem genuinely bummed she couldn't make it?

  • its a no go if she has a bf.

    just curious, what's your rating system?

    what does HB9 stand for?

  • hmm toughy to answer but best thing to do is not be puttin your moves on her till you k nk o how good or bad her relationship is. No good comes out of a howrecker. She more than likely just enjoys your company on the train nd considers you a friend. Dnt be upset by the thought actually thts a good position to hold. Just play it cool and ask her out for a fun night like bowlin or coffee somewhere where there is no pressure on her or u. But never ever ever make moves on her til she is ready. Good luck!

    • Ok I got two issues:

      1) I FB requested her on Fri, it is not Wed and no word.

      2) I'm not sure if she's that crazy about returning my text messages...then again, when we talk, I barely see her whip out the cell.

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  • what do you do from here... hell dude sounds like I need some game pointers from you man lol Keep doing what your doing, obviously it's working

    What could her deal be?!? she doesn't have one. What do you expect to happen you throw each others' clothes off in the heat of passion in a subway?!? lol She's bringing up the Boyfriend for two possible reasons, and they don't concern you regardless. If she doesn't make contact back, then behave in that it does not matter to you. By all means invite her to places, and give her opportunities to have fun with you. If she shows awesome, if she doesn't, find another girl to have fun with... It's her loss not yours. Get where I'm going with all of this?

  • dude she has genuine interest in you she poped convo with you when she had a boyfriend that is a good sign.

    Um play it cool with her don't make it seem like your to interested as she has a boyfriend and might get a little creeped out as she told you already.

    Just keep it casual and if they break up your next in line!