Why did I Screw Up?

Dear ladies why did I take advantage of you when I was with you. Now that you are gone I miss your beautiful smell, I miss you cooking, I miss you getting ready for me, taking time to do your make-up for me, and dressing all pretty for me. Now I'm just a lonely dude alone in my house again. I'M SORRY

I guess the real question is, why did it a take a break up to realize all the bad sh*t is was doing?
Repeat: sorry bad spelling, Why Did it take a break up to realize all the bad sh*t it was doing?


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  • sometimes you have to learn it the hard way for it to sink in. I learn a lot of things the hard way myself. At least you know what you've been missing out on and your 'faults' to why it happened. Maybe that'd help you grow more as a person and make better decisions, yea? Anyways good luck and I hope it's not too depressing to be alone again.


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