Junior Prom makeup & hair help?

My junior prom is this Friday and I need help my make up and hair.

My dress is this ---> link

And my hair looks sorta like this ----> link

I'm going to buy some makeup today and I'm not sure what I should get. Any advice or ideas would be great


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  • wow you look so much older, I would have guess you were 18-20

    when I was in highschool, juniors wore long dresses and seniors wore short.

    i really like this hairstyle how its in curls and then done up on the sides link

    you should also add a flower to it

    Get Make up forever hd foundation from sephora because its good with pictures

    and smoky eye makeup would look nice, I know MAC charges somewhere around 50$ to do makeup or you can just watch youtube makeup tutorials. The best mascara I have ever used was diorshow from sephora and covergirl lashblast from any drugstore.

    some makeup look liek this? link

    stick with silver accessories


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  • Make sure your hair is shiny and curly. You have great curls. You could add a flower to your hair. For your makeup, don't do too much. Mascara, eyeliner, and maybe eye shadow. Make sure your complexion looks natural and if you do the heavy eye makeup, don't put too much on the lips. It's usually on or the other: lips or eyes. Very cute dress.

  • Straighten your hair, or maybe just straighten it enough to make it wavy, not too straight. Thick eyeliner, some mascara. Eyeshadow OPTIONAL, you don't need to overdo it. Use foundation if needed, or if you have blemishes you want to cover up... Oh, and lipgloss, don't put lipstick, it'll stand out.

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