I had this weird thought today?

ok first off I'm 23 and I've never had a girlfriend, I would like one one day but never in my thoughts of this have I had the thought which I will tell you now.

ok its not a big deal of a thing but I recently bought a smallville blurr tshirt and it came this morning, I decided to wear it for the day then an image came into my head of when I had a girlfriend that she would be wearing my smallville tshirt.

now I know some girlfriends like to wear their boyfriends tshirts or shirts, sometimes at night or first thing in the morning but never with the girlfriend thought has that ever crossed my mind.

does this symbolise anything, I mean with the tshirt being a smallvillw one, it looks like this


let me know what you think thanks


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  • that's really cute :) it'd be so fun to wear that :)

    • cool :-)

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    • do you think this symolises anything since my thought only came when I got this tshirt

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  • Go see a psychiatrist. This is high "Woo Factor" magical thinking.

    Unless of course you're asking if this is symbolic in some Jungian sense.

    That might be plausible.

    • i think its some kind of phycological heroic thing from the tshirt

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    • what do you mean

    • Maybe a troll. I'm giving the benefit of the doubt, though. I'm thinking it's too pathetic for a troll.

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