What do guys think is cute on a girl?

i mean personality wise and style wise. what do guys think is cute? or what do guys consider cute or pretty on a girl?


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  • In personality, I like girls that can be pervy, and such. And that like will like randomly grab my glasses and put them down their pants. lol That kinda stuff. lol

    I'll just say my favorite outfit to see on a girl, and that would be sweatpants, and a sweatshirt/hoodie, and like a tank-top under it. *no bra or panties is a nice plus. :P*

    • Isn't it uncomfortable to shove someone's glasses down their pants? Have you tried it? It sounds like it'd be really cold against the skin uncomfortably poke my skin.

    • Well she was doing something with mac and cheese. like Making it, she was in sweatpants. But I came up behind her a poked her in her side.. like a tickle like kinda deal. Well she turned around and took my glasses off my face and put them in her pants.. lol and told me I could have them back when the mac and cheese was ready. lol

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  • Something that is attractive and natural and doesn't look like she is trying too hard; most tats and piercings aren't cute, and are pretty much last-decade.

  • Personality wise? The cutest thing that comes to mind is a young girly laugh and sense of humor.

    • considering that you are 42, that sounds just a bit creepy

    • There's an old saying, young man >>> "Youth is wasted on the young." You may not understand it now, but as you mature in wisdom and self-awareness, you'll begin to grasp the meaning.

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