How to flatter my shape better?

So I'm not fat or overweight or anything but I have a little bit of extra weight on my tummy lol. I was wondering how to make that look more flattering on my body, and what sort of things wouldn't help :p I'm pretty decently controlled weight wise everywhere else, my tumy is just a bit flabby.

And I know this has been asked before but while you're here... Is a little bit of a tummy a problem for guys?


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  • You have to accentuate your best assets.

    Do you have a thin waist?

    Long legs?

    Big boobs?

    Whatever it is, work that.

    Usually - to try and hide a slight tummy there are a few rules that apply to most people - generally.

    Tops/dresses with a high waist line or empire line - with your waist appearing to be higher up you'll look taller and thinner.

    You don't have to avoid tight fitted things, just clingy material. A well tailored fitted dress should smooth out your tummy and flatten it - whilst a tight fitted clingy dress will just accentuate any lumps and bumps.

    A single colour outfit helps to create a better silhouette - you can add colour with accessories, or a jacket.


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  • To flatter your figure you should stay away from skin-tight clothing (obviously) and stick to stuff that fits just right or a little loose. You could also wear hoodies, and flowing blouses. Even light-weight button-up shirts can look really pretty (just make sure they aren't to small).

  • babydoll tops


    structured tops and jackets

    belt your waist to give a defined hourglass look

    wear wide leg bottoms to make your bottom half look more proportional

    wear dark colors on top

    when you wear patterened tops make sure the pattern is big and not small

    wear vertical stripes

    if you wear horizontal stripes make sure the stripes are large and preferably in darker colors

    wear v-neck shirts

    wear statement necklaces and earrings to bring attention above your stomach

    have long wavy hair (it tends to make people look thinner)

    wear high waisted bottoms

  • you should get one of those body shaper things to flatten your stomach


  • Wear shirts that have a belt cinched above your belly. It'll give you an hourglass, flattering shape.