If he has a girlfriend why does he look at me the way he does?

Maybe they aren't serious or exclusive yet?

But he looks at me like he likes me. And it used to be the extended eye contact til I looked away. Now I will smile at him. He smiles back. And will wave. Very cute.

I just don't know why he pays attention to me so much (with his eyes) but with text or talking I have to initiate... He's so confusing! I wish I had the cahones to just ask him!


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  • It sounds like you guys have some chemistry :). That's where it starts, and that's just a natural thing, you can't help that whether you're in a relationship or not.

    He does sound like he's interested, but it sounds like he's unavailable and that's why he's not initiating things...because if he was available, he'd be starting the conversations too. I say, however you proceed with this girl, just be very careful, don't want to get wrapped up in a drama situation you know? Good luck! :)


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