What are some things guys do in approaching women that set off alarm bells for the women? Make the women mad?

I mean things we wouldn't even be aware of. I recently made SEVERAL women angry by approaching a woman at the beach, GENTLY I thought. I didn't mind her not wanting to talk, but I still don't understand what made her so angry!


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  • Though, this is about to help "ReallySorry", I'm directing this at you "funny222". I think you can relate to this as well "reallysorry".

    Seriously, what your friend said to you funny222, are sage words. But as the most part of the male kind, your way of thinking is one dimensional. [No offence meant btw]

    Just try putting yourself in a girl's shoes. I mean, really putting yourself.[well not really..but, just keep reading ;p]

    How many times do you think a hot/beautiful girl gets hit on in a day?

    She may receive tens of that line "You got a nice a$$" that you call honesty. Do you really think she will fall for this, appreciate your honesty and offer you a BJ? Well no my friend, if things were that easy, many guys wouldn't struggle.

    Well, the answer to your question "reallysorry", what makes girls angry, I think is the way you approach them. See, many people have this "bubble" around them that marks their personal space. If you were to enter or come close to it..surely that would make people feel uncomfortable. Try working on that, how to make people feel comfortable with you.

    And, think of this from another way as well. Maybe it's not the way you approach, but the place itself. Beaches tend to have lots of unknown people. And if you show direct interest on a girl, she may just think that you want to get her into bed and other crap.

    Trying befriending her, showing her[not telling her actually] that you are no needy, you can get laid anywhere, everywhere and anytime you want.

    Make her seek you and not you her.

    Not sure how much this may helped you and how much you understand what I meant, but if you want to get better at approaching and dating women, I can suggest you a couple of good books.

    Just message me. ;)


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  • I've told women, straight up, about their beauty. "You got a nice a$$." Depends who they are, that more than often however makes them feel trashy and sluty, and damn right angry, so it doesn't work if you're trying to 'get to know them better' or just trying to 'get them into bed'.

    A friend told me once, "Put yourself in a girl's shoes. See if you like it when a guy says such a blatant remark to you."

    Truth is, I can't. I'm high in testosterone, thus I wouldn't be offended. I'd appreciate the honesty, for once.

    Women are not easy to figure, thus the reasons for millions of books out there on how to approach women. It's a good market.

    • I didn't make any blatant remarks, although she does have a nice looking behind of course. REally I tried my best to be cool and polite...no blatant comments on her body at all!

    • And I don't recommend you be so upfront about it, until she knows you better. Women are pull of dispositions, meaning if you say "You got a nice a$$," she'll think, "Wow! That was direct. PERHAPS he's as aggresive with his words as he is physically aggressive, thus I should be cautious with him..." As a man, we wouldn't be afraid. But women, not having the physical strength of men, make a lot of predetermined notions of prejudice or otherwise to protect themselves from probably danger.

  • I really would have to see you in action to know. Some wild-*ss guesses would be: invading personal space too soon, interrupting a conversation, general social cluelessness, physical intimidation.

    • You're right about some of these, but really I tried to be gentle and backed away as soon as I say she wsn't interestred. Then she walked clear across twelve other people to slap me!

    • I wrote an article on this episode if you are interested!

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