Does the way you dress really matter to a women? Or to guys?

like if we had to abandon our old life and most possessions

and was in lets say monks clothes

or something not "IN" I don't know

would you care ?

would you help a person out lol

spread love

specially if there is something different about him/her

well as you can see guys don't care what women wear lol X D


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  • hey Goku hehehe.

    DOES the way you dress really matter to a women? OR to GUys?

    That question is a bit vague but I have to say YES it does matter in a sense. People are very judgmental and even the people who do not judge as much can't deny that they do judge to a certain degree. The way you appear in public does take affect to what people think of you. Like, for example first impressions etc.. your appearance is always going to be apparent in a first impression. If someone was wearing a really high skirt and a singlet with no bra, large breasts.. wouldn't that seem trashy? It's hard not to say no. Sometimes people treat us differently towards the way we dress like if you go to a shop with designer clothes etc and look fabulous, the assistants usually draw their attention to you more often than someone who is just wearing a plain t-shirt, baggy jeans and thongs because you look like a more potential buyer etc.

    Clothing isn't everything. I mean having expensive stuff isn't important so to answer your question about monks clothes, yes I wouldn't care if my only choice was to wear that.

    • to women and or to guys

      haha it doesn't matter the question goes both ways

      but what if the person is like a poor person

      or is like a monk ha ha like goku x D

      but its easy to say no its not trashy lol its just the way they want to be seen since their not poor or a monk ha ha

      so people like clothes cause it shows that they have money ? haa

      well id like to wear monks clothes or if I could pick gokus gi

      for the rest of my life so I could cut a line between the good and bad people ha ha


    • no not really. I don't wear clothes to show I have money. I mean, my family isn't rich .. we are just in the middle but we just wear clothes we can afford etc. You can wear monk clothes if you want, I didn't mean for it to sound bad. I'd still respect those who are poor and won't look down at them because of what they wear.

    • ok

      well I didn't mean to say that you would look down on people

      i just meant as a society type thing ha ha

      so if he was like poor and like aladdin or something diamond in the rough

      you would give him a chance ?

      and possibly buy him clothes if you didn't want him to wear the same clothes all the time

      haha ?

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  • yes I would care. He doesn't have to be super stylish but first impressions do count and a well-groomed guy who looks like he's made an effort is pretty attractive.

    • what if he was a wild child

      or he was poor ?

      lol or a monk even ?

    • well its not like I look down at them, if he was a nice enough guy then sure id give him a chance but I'm just saying that first impressions do count and a well dressed guy wouldn't have to try so hard to get attention.

  • Maybe a little. But the guy Iike right now doesn't wear super fashionable clothes, and yet I like him. Alot. I do like for a guy to be somewhat well dressed though.

    • well what's well dressed ?

      haha and what if he's poor ?

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    • Oh, and did I mention Aladdin is BEAUTIFUL? :D But there's one thing that is a really big turn off for me, whether the guy is poor or rich, hygiene. If he doesn't take care of himself, all of himself, then I won't even give him a second look.

    • haha well I know he was

      but I'm all for the kind hearted ness lol

  • I don't really care as long as he clean.

  • I don't necessarily need my guy to look metrosexual and totally trendy. But presentable would be nice. Know how to color coordinate clothes and belts. That kind of thing.

    • haha well what if he didn't have a belt?would you buy him one?

      or what if he was poor like Aladdin and he was just a rough diamond lol

      with just like the same sh*t on everyday

      would it matter then if he was poor or a monk like type of guy haha

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    • I'd still say no. I know money can't buy love. But it should at least buy you decent clothes.

    • haha even if he was a freaking diamond in the rough!?

      geez id say you should be more open minded

      these questions make me wanna go out in rags or robes to see how many people spit on me

      and how many good people look past the outer lol

      : p but I'm sure your nice deep down

      like way deep lol X D

  • yeah it does matter because of how you choose to present yourself. image does matter in initial attraction

    • haha well what if he was poor

      like aladdin and or a monk and was just a diamond in the rough ha ha

      and you could just feel there was something better about him something mysterious haha

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