Cute clothes for a girl to wear in the winter?

Guys: What clothes do you love to see girls wearing in the winter?

Girls: What clothes do you love to wear in the winter?

include shoes! I've heard some guys don't like uggs?


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  • One thing I DON'T like is when I see a woman wearing clothes that are entirely too skimpy for how cold it is, I appreciate the fact that they want to look attractive, but there is nothing attractive about being an idiot.

    • You heard right, Uggs look stupid.

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    • What's wrong with you? My wife shows her sexy body off all year round, people are amazed to see her shivering and shaking in skimpy, flimsy clothes in winter all guys love it! I don't even like her to wear a coat, she only does that on the coldest few days and she wears open shoes with bare feet even when there's snow on the ground.

    • Your wife is retarded. I prefer women with brains.

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  • you can look chic in the

    winter, because there are

    different types of winter

    clothin that keep you warm

    but they look like beauty

    to your eyes,wear furred

    hat jackets with a sweater

    ,some skinny jeans tucked in uggs or

    snowboots with the furry

    balls on them...

  • My wife doesn't really have a summer and winter wardrobe she just wears as little as possible all year round! On a freezing winter day there's nothing better than seeing her covered in goosebumps wearing a mini skirt with her legs bare, a skimpy top that shows off her big boobs and of course a pair of killer high heels. She never wears panties or bra so on cold days her nipples are like bullets. That's perfect as far as I'm concerned...


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  • My winter wardrobe consists of these essentials:

    1. A woolen scarf (usually in shades of pink).

    2. Shiny metallic leggings with softer cardigans (gold, bronze with either grey,black,brown).

    3. High heel brown leather boots (below the knee) or black fur with a full heel.

    4. An oversized handbag or tote.

    5. Dark-wash jeans (Guess or Silver Jeans) paired with a hoody.

    6. Trackpants, black yoga pants, and high waisted black skirts with pantihose and a colourful vibrant pump.

  • i wear skiiny jeans and uggs and then for a top an awesome ski jacket or oversized sweaters.

    and I also wear a lot of sweats and uggs and stay comfy and warm but still look hot lol

  • my favorite topic! winter clothes

    i look forward to winter simply because of the clothes

    i love pairing skinny jeans with knee high boots

    and I love cardis and oversized sweaters

  • I like to wear cute sweaters, cardigans, skinny jeans, ankle booties, my purple or navy UGGs, sweater dresses with lace tights, tunics with leggings, beanies, scarves, gloves, earmuffs, a cute jacket. Gahhh. I want to go shopping now.