Bad boys and hot girls going out with ugly guys?

People say that good looking girls go out with bad boys because usually they get treated so nicely by everyone that when a guy that treats her like crap comes along she wonders why and then goes out with him in hope of changing that or something along the lines of that from my understanding,

But then people say that good looking girls go for ugly guys because they don't want to have to worry about being good looking all the time and they want to have a guy worshiping them so they don't have to worry about the guy leaving her also that they don't have to worry about other girls snatching their guy.

Which one is right?


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  • Well, neither really. A girl most of the times looks for a guy that will treat them right and has a matching personality with them... so the least important most of the times is the guys looks. At first a guys looks are a window to what he can offer but in the end what really matters is his personality


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  • Neither! you want to know why? because you are dumb dead wrong when you used "ugly" word. How do you define ugliness? or beauty? Do you consider an individual with temper, abuser, rapist, criminal, and/or drug addict ugly or do you judge people by their phsical and then decided whether a person is ugly or beautiful?

    By the way? There is no ugly human being unless the person does or is known for doing socially unacceptable things such as abuser, rapist, criminal, drug addict, theif, and so forth.

    ANd ineed, there is a famous saying that "beauty is the eyes of the bolder". YOu can't determine whether person is ugly by their look but rather by their actions, attitute, and behavor.

    or that is how I was personally raised.

    Thus, it all depends on your own perceptions, understandins, and expectations.

    I dearly suspect you are follower of the cosmetic industries and consider beauty based on the way media potrays. And if so, I think you need a serious education.

    • I define ugly by what nature defines as ugly or in other words someone who looks unhealthy or doesn't portray good genetic traits. What's ugly and beautiful is hardwired into your primitive thinking, the only thing that changes this is your higher intelligence which changes your perception on what is ugly and good looking.

      My question was based on people's general views, it wasn't based on personal observation.

      No need to go on a rant it's just a question, if you feel so offended then gtfo.

    • No, I was neither offended brother nor was I trying to offtend you, but I answered the question the way I construed you were asked based on your personal observations.

      By the way, I don't waht GTFGO means, hope you feel healthy

      lols, thanks

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