Punk vs. me?

So. There is this girl I sorta(ish) like. I'm a bit analytical when it comes to relationships and such, so I tend to hold back emotions and so on. But here is the deal: There is this girl that I see once in awhile that I like and I talk to her here and there and she is cute and seems to have a nice personality from the times I've talked with her. But she is older then me. Maybe 3-4 years older. And I'm 18 (turning 19 in a month or so)

The problem is that she dye's her hair interesting colours and smokes. <- Now I don't care. However I'm a blond blue eyed guy, and I have a hard time thinking that she could be interested in me. We look to different. Now I wouldn't consider myself ugly or anything but its just simply that our styles are different.

I do like girls who dye their hair like that. I don't know why :P - Another problem is that I don't have a car and I'm not that rich. In fact I would be considered something of a broke artist.

I think we have similar interests.

I automatically assume she has a Boyfriend. But just in case she doesn't I would like some opinions.

So does style play a big part for a girl? Also age, and transportation. From my point of view it seems basically hopeless XD


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  • Just be who you are! If you attempt to go 'punk' you might end up looking like a poser and she probably won't like you then. It depends on the girl, most girls I know (like the tom boy heavy metal listening type girls) don't care. Like one even likes the Q.B for our football team so it doesn't really matter. It depends on the girl for that too. Some girls rule out for age, some see how you look age-wise, like if you look older or younger than what you are. It's never hopeless though and I hope it works out for you and I hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't...

    • Thanks for the answer. I wasn't planning on changing myself, I don't have friends who are into the "punk" look. I'm more in the nerd crowd xD - I'm to lazy to make myself look punk as well, even though I like the punk look :P - I'm basically just looking for opinions on this style thing. And Age. Age bothers me a little. I have a friend who says "age doesn't matter" but I'm not sure if she is really right on that -_-"

      - Ah but thanks for the answer, the more people who answer the better.

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  • lol. I am somewhat of a "punky" girl and I'm crushing big time on a guy who's the complete opposite. Just talk to her? Get to know her and don't be intimidated. Girls and guys who are into stuff like that are usually cool, funny, random, & interesting. Go for it, get to know her.!


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  • No, it doesn't. I go for those sort of... You know, the girls who lacker themselves in high fashion and magazine recommendations, and rarely smile, hahaha. And quite often at first they're very taken aback by me, y'know, 'cos I come on with my rockstar swagger, big hair and bigger sunglasses, wearing clothes they put back on the hanger 'cos they couldn't pull it off, hahaha. But after a while, it doesn't matter.

    Essentially, if you give it time, people realize people are people. And they can dig it if you dig it. So just keep at it, man.