What is Megan Foxs workout?

I want a body like hers because every guy likes that.what is it?

I do not give a damn if you think she starves herself or had surgery.I don't care that is not my question


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  • It depends a lot on body type. But I'm trying to do the same thing actually and this is my plan. I'm not sure how it'll work, but it's better than nothing. :) I've done a lot of research aha.

    For your diet: (Idk if you really care about the diet part but this made a HUGE difference for me)

    Eat healthy, and DONT starve your self. A lot of people are saying that she starves her self, which may be true but who knows. I don't think a smart guy would be interested in someone who was unhealthy because they obviously don't take care of themselves. If you can't take care of yourself, why should he think you could take care of him?

    So eat 6 small meals a day, maybe every 3 hours or so to keep your metabolism going. At first I actually gained a little bit of weight because my metabolism had to adjust, but after about a week I had lost it and had a lot more energy.

    I've been eating a lot of vegtables, lean meats like chicken and fish, and I've been trying to limit processed things like chips and especially fast food, but you have to splurge every once in a while :)

    Cut back on salt a little bit, it can make you retain water and cause bloating.

    Avoid caned foods, fresh fruits and vegtables are much healthier for you.

    Don't over do it on fruits, they contain a lot of natural sugars, and cut back a little on carbs (breads, pasta, rice) since they turn into sugar. But what ever you do don't completely stop eating them! I did that at first thinking it would help and it did the complete opposite. I ended up getting really tired all the time and I acutally fainted because your brain needs sugar for energy. Balance is the key!

    Try to eat your first meal with in an hour of waking up, it'll help get your metabolism going.

    Avoid eating after 8 or 9, that's when your body starts to go into sleep mode so you don't digest food the same way.

    This is what I ate today:

    Breakfast- an egg with some green pepper and onion, a little bit of salt and black pepper, a little bit of cheese, and a yogurt.

    Midmorning snack- A banana (helps build muscle btw) and a skinny cow cheese ball.

    Lunch- A salad with some grilled chicken, and for the dressing I used olive oil and lemon juice. It may sound bland but if you load it up with some tomatoes and cucumbers and other stuff it's much better for you and more filling than plain lettuce with a fatty dressing.

    Afternoon snack- cellery with some peanut butter (I also really like cottage cheese with pineapple)

    Dinner- Fish with mango salsa (I found the recipe online) with rice.

    Desert- Plain greek yogurt with blueberries and some dark chocolate chips.

    I'll put my workout routine in another comment, sorry this is so long :(


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  • I saw a 'documentary' on her eating habits. She quite likes to eat teenage boys and it works wonders for her.

  • Idk erm to not eat?Just why do you want to look like her... NO, we do not all like a body like hers, we are not all clones with the exact same taste. I am not attracted to her or her body

  • I don't think she starves herself or that she's had surgery on her body, but don't worry too much about getting her exact body. For one, you never will because everyone's an individual, but more importantly, it's more her body type that guys like, not her exact body. Just be thin, fit, and healthy, and pretty much every normal guy is going to like your body.

  • I don't think she's that hot. So many girls say she's 'fake'.

  • I think most of it is just the body type she was born with. Megan Fox is hot but she is not the only type of hot a woman can be. Being in shape can never hurt your attractiveness though so do workout daily.

    • Yea,but she has a body that all guys find attractive,it's better than the body I have now.I am in shape but I want her shape.It's better than mine and I want it

    • We can't always get what we want lol. I wish I was 2 inches taller and had a large penis instead of the exact average according to most studies but that is life.

    • She can become skinny easily Einstein,it's called working out

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  • Eat healthy and go to the gym. That's all you need to do. Megan Fox probably starves herself or had plastic surgery done to her body. And also in hollywood for magazines and movies they do a lot of retouching of their bodies to make them look good. But if you feel like you need to get into shape just work out, stomach crunches are really important and make sure you do at least 30 min of cardio exercise like running or you can walk on the treadmill on the highest incline it goes up to for 30 min. If you aren't sweating, its not cardio. Staying fit is all about discipline and dedication. But don't develop an eating disorder. That would be uncool.

    • I think it's pretty funny that girls always assume attractive girls have had plastic surgery or starve themselves,as though being attractive can't be natural or through healthy means

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    • There's a certain kind of attractive that can look very fake, even when it isn't. That's why people sometimes assume that girls with that KIND of attractiveness have had surgery etc.

    • well it also has to do when a girl acts fact we just automatically asume everythign about them is fake too

  • Work out-

    To avoid getting bulky, use light weights and high reps when using weights.

    Idk if you have access to a gym or not, but if you do you could ask a personal trainer for tips until you get the hang of it. They can help you acheive what you want :P

    I don't though, but I have an eliptical machine that I do every other day for cardio. You can also jump rope or go for a run, anything that'll get your heart rate up!

    I don't go to the gym though, but I'm planning on starting yoga or pillattes, so instead I just looked up some videos and this is the main one I've been using.


    Alternate between that routine (if you want to use it) and the cardio, so cardio one day, routine the next, cardio, routine, etc. Give your muscles a day to heal.

    Take it slow in the beginning though and be patient :)

    If you have any questions just message me, good luck girl!

  • if you had her body hun YOU WOULD BE HER. just find the best workout method for you and get the shape and form your own body will make. Because face it not all bodies are the same so your skinny isn't aobut to look the same as hers, or any other girls.

    • work out and less food more often just to keep the metabolism going like your not hungry but don't wanna get fat just eat somethign small like a little cookie every few hours and yu will keep it running but get skinny to with a workout system to of course

  • I've read that she never really works out and eats anything, just naturally lucky. People have different body types, doing what she does will not get your her body, do what's best for your body

  • She's 5'6 and 114,so aim for a skinny body.

    She is considered underweight,so if you have to be underweight to get the body,then so be it.Clearly guys aren't complaining lol.


    • nothing is attractive about underweight. and come on now you can clearly be slim and healthy weight so there is no reason for the underweight sh*t which is just as bad on your body as being over weight is.

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    • You can't say nothing is attractive about being underweight and be honest. I do agree it's unhealthy, but some guys do find girls who are underweight attractive. As long as she doesn't starve herself to become thin it doesn't matter if she is average or underweight. Also, if you think you look good you don't need a body like Megan Fox.

    • Underweight is pretty subjective anyway. Everyone's an individual with an individual metabolism. You can create a bracket for what's considered "medically underweight" but there are going to be exceptions. Not every person who falls within that bracket is going to be unhealthy.

  • i heard she did tummy tuck... if you don't believe me check her out on "hope and faith" or whatever that show was...so she is fake...don't be like her be yourself! natural is always beautiful


    • Fat girls battle cry

    • umm hello what she said "natural is beautiful" is not no fat girl battle cry. so you trying to say working out is a fat girl battle cry to? because that's working our muscles in a natural for us motion that just so happens to determine our weight. so natural is beautiful

    • And we all know the world is complaining about the option of having plastic surgery.If you can afford it,good for you.Tends to be poor people who scrutinize others for having plastic surgery