What animal would be best?

OKay I am a total animal "nut job" I have A German Sheppard, Pit bull and a Pit bull Chow Chow mix. I also have 2 small Boston terriers and a very small mutt. I also have 6 birds, 2 turtles,7 fish and a Chinese water dragon was looking to get a guinea or a bunny, But I am concerned because when my pit bull sees a bunny outside she goes nuts, tries to chase it and cries. So I was think Its probably NOT a good idea to get a bunny. But then I was thing about a guinea pig.. It might drive her crazy too. Do you think it would be okay if I kept the guinea pig in high cage in an room and didn't let the dogs in it or do you think they would cry at the door. I always take good care of my animals so I'm concerned. Do you think it would be okay? If so please tell me.. If you think it would not be an good idea tell me some other animals you think would be okay

thanks sorry its so long- bestmetaldrummer.


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  • i'd go with neither. its good that you take care of all your animals, and its super awesome that you're an animal lover, but to have that many of em altogether isn't healthy for them...then again wherever you have em must be huge so idk...but the way it sounds, with your Pit, it wouldn't be good to get anything small and furry guinea pigs and bunnies look too much alike :P

    • what do you mean buy not healthy? all my dogs/animals are happy and VERY VERY WELL TAKEN CARE OF..

    • i mean not healthy like to many of em, I'm not saying you don't take care of em, I don't think you're one of those crazy hoarders or anything, I'm just saying is it good for any of your other animals for you to bring more in, especially if its going to confuse one of the dogs whom, I'm assuming is more of a roamer? maybe its not OK to get a bunny or anything that looks like one if one of your pits are going to attack it

  • well, you sound like you love your animals lol but I think getting a guinea pig isn't the smartest idea .the problem is the dogs natural hunt and kill instinct much more present in your dogs breeds, will drive them to the point of scratching on the door and crying at the door. this is only a guess but unless you oput the guinea pig in a safe area where the dogs can't see them then I think getting one wouldn't work out the way you would hope.

  • i don't think you need any more pets to be honest.

    • yes but I want more. my animals are my life.

    • Then I would get the ginnin pig if I were you. It'll be easier to hide him/her from your dogs

  • Wow you have a lot of pets.

    I think the guinea pig would be fine in the cage, up high, away from the dogs.

    I really want a Morkie- a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie. So adorable.