**guys and girls can answer**

well I'm hispanic but I look white. I have green eyes and I am always trying to find ways to bring them out?!

do any of you have any tips or tricks to help me with that?!

as well I like to consider myself as "thick", what kind of things look flattering on a girl type like me so I don't look to skanky or watever.


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  • Green tops always do it for me. Like ones that almost match my eye color. Seriously, the only time I get strangers telling me I have pretty eyes is when I'm wearing green. I think they look pretty cool when I wear white too, but it doesn't seem to get the same reaction.


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  • If by "thick" you mean curvy then wear clothes that are kinda tight but don't show too much skin. Keep it looking casual though. You have to LOOK like you're comfortable in what you're wearing and not just dressing that way for the sake of impressing others seeing you, whether guys or girls.

    As far as bringing out your guys guy, sorry, I'm lost on that one =(


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  • green eyes: wear dark makeup. shades of purple, gray, and brown.

    body: jeans are okay, but always wear heals, its elongates the legs. if your "thick" don't wear anything too close to your body. the looser it is, the skinnier you look .

    hope this helps >_<

  • where green =] it helps to make ur eyes stand out.

    dont wear ur close to tight but not to revelaing as well and as far as ur eyes go try something wear colors that stick out