How can I attract a white male?

I'm African American and I'm very attracted to white males. In the town there are older white males attracted to black males but I'm not for sure about the young ones. I feel like most white guys just want to have sex with a black girl to say they have been with one (and the sex was great). But I'm looking for a relationship with one but I can't seem to find one. I'm very attracted,kind hearted, classy, love to cook some soul food for my man if I had one lol. I'm family girl. And I'm a southern belle =)

I've dated white guys in my past.

It kills me how black guys get mad when they see a black girl with a white. But when we see them with white girls we don't say anything. What can I do to attract white men?


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  • Be yourself, you don't want to attract a guy who doesn't like your personality. If he falls for you for a fake image you give him it isn't likely to be something that will last.

    Believe me I know how you feel in regards to your attraction lol. I love black girls, what I tell you isn't really going to apply too much but what I can say is depending on where your from, guys will act different. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume your from the u.s, I'm from england and I pretty much see black girls with white guys pretty much every day so its not uncommon but it really does depend on how much tension there is between races in your area.

    Here in england its minimal to none existent for the most part and its not uncommon to see white guys asking black girls out. I'm assuming its not the same there based on you not getting any form of attraction shown to you by the younger guys your aiming for. I think you might need to give it a little push with those guys because I don't think they are used to it, just let them know your interested and I'm sure they will like you.

    Good luck, God Bless

  • I love black girls!

    Heres how its always gone for me: Whenever I've been attracted to a black girl, they have always had this attitude, and its hard to get around. But when I did, it was AMAZING. She was so much fun, and because things were so much different between us, it made it a lot of fun. we were always laughing and teasing each other about being white and black...I know it kinda sounds weird lol I guess it would just depend on the person. you might not think that its funny...haha but we did.

    • well white males have always attracted me lol. I have a lot of white males that are close friends, and they always come to me for advice on their gfs and I don't kno why.

      But when I'm dating a white male, they always seem like they have too act like a bad ass around me, and that's not necessary.

      i WANT someone who is real laid back, treats me like a lady, that's all.

    • Yah I don't know you, but that's how I have felt with black girls. I just stopped thinking that and they dropped the act fast lol

      But you seem pretty cool, ask your dude friends how you act around guys you don't know or like...maybe they can help you. If you put on an attitude, then maybe that's why you get that "badass" from them..

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