Why do girls like to talk about sex and then...?

Why do girls like to talk about sex, get all hot and steamy, and then as soon as the guy says one thing that they don't approve of they look at him with complete disgust?

They view him as the dirtiest, raunchiest, perverted, chauvinistic, male sleaze ball on the planet!

So a guy mentioned a threesome with you and your best friend.

Why was the line drawn there?


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  • 1) Because that particular girl is not into threesomes and she thinks you are just another guy who doesn't care about much but sex.

    2) Because the last guy who mentioned this idea (it's not all that uncommon) cheated on her because she wouldn't have a threesome.

    3) It's just not how she is. She's satisfied with sex on a one on one basis. Adding a third person just gets complicated.

    4) She thinks you want her best friend.

    Really it depends on the girl. Some girls are all for it while others are not for it at all.

    • Yeah but the guy didn't mean any harm buy saying it, she could nicely say "I'm not into that" without acting with an impulsive reaction. You agree?

    • Yeah she could have been nicer about it.

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  • Maybe she could've been nicer about it, but I'm not gonna lie, I think you would've caught me looking at you with complete disgust too.

    With sex, sure we can get hot hot and steamy, when it's about YOU and the guy you're talking to ONLY. It's an intimate thing that you're sharing together. It makes her feel special that she's the only one. When you bring up the idea of a threesome, it makes us feel unappreciated. Like we're not enough, that you need more than just us. And bringing up her best friend is even worse! Girls are extremely competitive, especially with the girls they're the closest to. So finding out you find her best friend attractive enough to sleep with.major ouch. What if she asked to have a threesome with you and your best friend?

    • And I just met her? lol I'd say ok... him down one end me down the other ;) see its all good

  • LOL! You silly boys! A woman wants to feel like the sexiest thing in the world. When you add another woman to the picture in her mind you are saying she, by herself, isn't good enough. No way is a normal woman going to go that. No one wants to hear they are not good enough. Now I know in your head your saying, "That's not what I meant at all!" but there is no way you are going to make her see it your way. ever. If things are going well for god's sake don't mention adding additional women. If she is up for it she will bring it up. Good luck man.

    • Who said he was looking for a normal chick? lol besides he told her she was a lot better looking and the best friend was the choice because it would be more comfortable.

    • I'm sorry man but our brains are just wired differently. The only way to make our minds work in the same way is to up our testosterone and you don't want to see what would happen to her then. Unless you like the muscular, moustache having type:)

  • because you mentioned her best freind!anyone else mayb but her best freind!she would start to think you fancied her best mate

  • hahahaha. wow! this made me laugh!

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    • Now that's a dirty girl! I like dirty girls lol

    • Stop flirting with me over GAG.. and get your ass here!!!! CREEPER!!! lol

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  • She is right, from the beginning to the End!

    You really have to have a better way to say it, and you have to know who you're talking to.

    Its that simple.

    Find the approach that doesn't get you slapped, no matter what.

    Like asking questions about it first.

    I do honestly feel as though most females are curious about it, but will react differently depending on how you speak on it.

    You can say just about anything depending on how you ask.

    But most girls know, most guys will not want to be with them after a Threesome.

    I for the most part has had one, but after a while I no longer wanted to share my girlfriend.

    So There you go.

    Just know its cool, but over-rated.


    A Loving Black Man

    • Well it's hard enough dealing with one girl that doesn't know what to do. I can only imagine two! lol You need to find people who are just into it and want to have fun. No relationships necessary.

  • You've got to have class and style talking about sex, otherwise you look like another one of the bunch with tons of hormones ready to blow (no pun intended)

    • This dude is right.

      You at least need the right approach for this type of situation.

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