Help me with my crazy hair?

OK this is a question for ANYONE who knows about hair, cause I obviously don't...

I have really curly natural hair, it's because I'm mixed (black/white). My hair is so curly, that when I wash it and blow dry it...I get a HUGE fro. Does anyone know a way that I can deal with it? I try and straighten it all the time, and it looks great, but my arms get tired very easily and none of my friends know how to straighten hair. Is there a way to make it look good without my arms hurting? I have trouble reaching the back of my head due to shoulder surgery a few months ago...and just wearing it curly makes my head hurt because of the weight.

My hair about 4 inches below my shoulders (you can see how long my hair is in my profile pictures)

Please do not tell me to cut it, all my life I've loved straight short hair looks horrid on me.

so...any suggestions?

Oh yah, I forgot to mention...I have bangs...just straight across, I know people say that people with curly hair should not get bangs...but I feel better with bangs


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  • My hair is exactly the same! :)

    i suggest lots of leave in conditioners and treatments/ hair masks... naturally curly hair is naturally dry already.

    leave in conditioners/ products for curly hair is what I use to tame the fuzz.

    get regular trims and get your hair layered. Find a hairdresser that knows how to work with curly hair !

    Hope I helped :)

    P.S make sure you never brush curly hair ... expecially when wet! it will damage your hair and make more fuzz!

    use a wide toothed comb/afro/perm comb :) use lots of leave in conditioner and comb through :)

    • Thats I think where my problem is...If I don't brush it then I freak out (I used to never brush it, so my hair used to be one big knot...and now I'm kinda obsest with brushing my hair)...and I have trouble useing combs and picks (my hair gets tangled in them easily)

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    • I can try, I just have a weird habit of brushing my hair for no reason...I'll try my best though. I won't be able to tie it cause my arms can't reach.

    • throw out your brush :P or only use it when your hair is straightened :) if your hair gets tangled around a wide tooth comb... you need some lessons on how to comb your hair! LOL start at the ends to get rid of knots.. then work your way up to the roots :)

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  • Just shave it off


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  • sulfate free conditioner & shampoo

    i condition everyday, & shampoo & condition every second day

    just look at the ingrediants, if there's any sulfate, don't get it :)

    i had exactly the same problem, til I stopped using shampoo and conditioner that had sulfate in it

    hope this helps :)

  • Use some Chi Silk Reconstructing product before you blow-dry your hair it makes it soft, shiny and manageable. Then use a flatiron to straighten your hair.

  • I have the same problem (and I love long hair to but my dad made me cut it... bastard) and the thing I do is I use anti-friz hair stuff and just let it air dry (after slightly towel drying it) it's curly but not nearly as big as it is when I blow dry it. And I know this sounds odd but DONT BRUSH IT! Only when it's wet should you brush it because when you brush them dry, you seperate the curls and they expand and expand and you get a fro. (I have sicilian hair, which decends from african american hair mixed with italian hair... so I feel you)

    • but if I don't brush it then I'll go crazy >_< hehe, if someone tried to make me cut my hair...I think I would hurt them, lol

    • Brush is when it's wet and then put in a smoothing product it doesn't relax it completley but it is much better than when it's dry. And trust me if I could've hurt my dad for doing that (and other reasons but that's a different story...) I would hurt him.