Crazy haired people what's your poison?

in my recent quest to find a better blue hair dye I've decided to ask everyone who goes with the non-natural colors what they use. (I went with Clairol cool btw).

Aside from what you use... what's your technique?

Personally I've used Manic panic for the past two years but changed to clairole this recent change because I was tired of the Manic Panic fading to that ugly greenish color. I also tried Special effects plum crazy purple and loved it. but they don't sell that a salleys.

technique - bleach for 45 minutes, adding heat every 10 min. wash, wait 2 days, add color.

  • Manic Panic
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  • Special effects
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  • Clairol
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  • since I'm always changing my hair to all different colors red, purple, pink etc.. I like to use pravana its not a permnanent dye which sucks but its good because it lets me play with my colors all the time without damaging it. it has keratin in it so it helps my bleached hair so that's a plus! but they only sell pravana in professional shops like at a cosmoprof or something not sallys so you either have to be a professional to get this or a student or a friend! lol

    technique- bleach (until desired pale blonde) then add my color works right away! :)

  • Use Clairol..

    • how well does it last? This is my first time using it. I dig the color, but I don't want it to fade badly or into some ugly greenish turquoise color.

    • Since it's box color it won't last terribly long and as long as you use a color treated shampoo and conditioner you'll be fine.

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