Do guys like girls with some makeup or a lot of makeup?

natural ? when is it okay to use a lot of it?


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  • The only ones that can make a look better are those that are not noticeable, and only hide various errors on the face (so things like foundation). Otherwise, a lot of things and especially anything that messes with your eyes can really mess up your physical image. That goes for lipstick and eye shadow and mascara and that stuff.

    The only people who look good in makeup (by that I mean eye shadow and etc) are those who already look fascinatingly, unquestionably beautiful even without it. It can only enhance errors and make you look LESS attractive and LESS pretty if you use it. The only thing people can value is the effort you put into attempting to look better, and they can see that you are trying to be available. Otherwise, it is more repulsive than attractive on almost every single occasion.


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  • most guys wouldn't notice if you were wearing different amounts of the same make up , that's what I think , they wouldn't notice


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  • i don't think guys will notice unless you look like a clown. when I go out I wear red lipstick and I've always been told by guys that it looks good. if you're going to wear bold make up then you have to choose one element to focus on eg. either the eyes or the lips and down play the other, never do both at the same time.

    • yeah, go with both and it looks awful. and yes, guys do notice. there's 7 answering right now, if your cunna wear it make sure it ( or at least most of it) looks/simulates your natualr look.

      so the ever popular decision for brown eyed girls to wear metalic green eye shadow, only looks good if you dress the part too, otherwise, you look like a clown. a stangly beautiful clown

  • Last time I checked,Maxim received no complaints.

    Guys don't care.The guys on this site care about every damn thing it's no wonder they are single(and complain about that too).Unless the guy is homosexual,he won't care.

    • I agree. I don't even think they could tell the difference between amounts of makeup unless it's drastic. Nd speaking of Maxim, all guys think the women on the cover of that magazine are hot and what do they have in common? Makeup.

    • Did you ever ask -all guys- about that? I would instantly disagree. Makeup can only look good only on people who are stunningly beautiful to begin with.

    • That's why Maxim receives so many complaints.Oh and why half of the girls on Maxim look 10x worse without make-up than the average chick.Explains ALOT

  • I never use hides your face...what do you have to hide?

  • It's not okay. Makeup is supposed to make your features stand out in a natural way. You don't want to look like you escaped a circus. Ever.

  • This question has been asked a million times...

    Guys like natural looking makeup. That means it enhances your features, makes you prettier without looking like a clown, prostitute or oompa loompa.