Cute outfit for local Tv Interview?

Hey guys, so recently me and my friends have started this campaign in our city for homelessness and local TV wants to interview me, as I started it. So I was wondering if this is OK to wear?

- Dark wash skinny jeans

- Black ankle leather boots

- Burgunday long sleeve v-neck

- Gold earrings

and just my hair straight and down I guess

With just a little eyeliner lipgloss and mascara.

Whatcha think? sorry I'm like super nervous :\


Most Helpful Guy

  • You don't want bright or light colours as these can make you appear washed out so burgandy should look good. Make sure your earings aren't too big or they could be distracting.

    • okay cool! thank you so much. :)

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  • PERFECT! Sounds feminine, classy & professional! Good luck :)


What Girls Said 1

  • That outfit sounds perfect. Simple, classy and solid colors look good on camera and dark colors slim you. Don't be nervous and knock 'em dead.

    • haah thanks. I'm nervous as hell.

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