What do I do if he looks at me?

My friends keep saying he's looking at me. they said he looks at me when I laugh. do I look back? he stares more than just glances. can you guys tell me what the staring means?


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  • It could either mean he thinks your laugh is weird or it could mean he thinks your laugh is adorable and wants an excuse to look at you. it depends on the stare, if he's smiling then he is def. not annoyed and if you want to flirt back or just see his reastion, look back at him. If he keeps staring then he's trying to tell you he likes you, but if he looks away he may just be shy or thinks your laugh is funny and amuses him. :)

    • well when I look back at him, sometimes his eyes tell me to say something to him. if you look at my other question, "Should I talk to him?" I think it was called, and read the details of that, you'll see why sometimes it's awkward. my friend Morgan tells me when he's looking at me and she keeps telling me to look back at him. and yeah, he looks away, so he's shy lol. he's a popular person, though, and I'm not