Am I doing the blow out wrong?

I have naturally wavy hair and I usually like to wear it straight. When I straighten it, my hair looks too flat so I usually justs do a blow out. But whenever I get done, it seems to look funny. I can't really place what looks funny about it, My mom said it looks fine. I need my bangs cut, so that might be it but here is what I do. I have short side bangs (I am growing them out) so I usually dry them and style them first because when they dry naturally they go in all sorts of directions. Then I pile all my hair on top of my head and put it in a scrunchie. I let down the bottom parts that are in the back of my head and I use the round brush and dry it that way. When I finish that art I usually dry it without the round brush a little and then put that section to the side to keep it separate form my wet hair. I always do the bottom layers of my hair first. I next do the bottom layers of both of my sides the same way. I always put the dry sections to the side in a scrunchie. Then I do the top layers. When Ii get done it doesn't look BAD it just looks odd to me. The bottoms are really poofy and the top isn't so poofy. I usually pull the sections up and dry underneath the roots so I can get some volume there. But when I use the straightener and run it through my hair a few times it looks too straight and perfect. I like it to not be so straight and have a few pieces differet from the rest. How can I make the bottom parts not to poofy and big? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks


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  • Ok this seems very confusing but you say ur hair doesn't look right when you go get it done. Well truth is it probably is perfect but because you know ur hair better than any1 else you can pick up on stupid things that need fixed or wasn't done right but 2 every1 else ur hair is perfect so don't worry.

    Now so you don't want ur hair 2 look perfectly straight you want it more naturally straight. Simple after u've washed ur hair just get the hair dryer and blast the hair dryer round it untill it is just kinda damp but mostly dry. for more volume then point the hair dryer up blowin ur hair up.

    Once this is done do exactly what you were doin. Tie it up at the top of ur head leavin a section of the bottom down. Dry it with the round brush puttin the brush on one side and the hair dryer on the other startin at the top and movin down the hair like you were brushin it. Keep the hair dryer close 2 the hair. Keep dryin it untill it is straight even if its already dry.

    Take another section from ur hair and do the same. There is no need to tie up the bit you just dryed just leave it alone as its completely done now. Let the wet hair fall on top of the dry hair.

    Once doin the very top of ur hair and tryin 2 put more volume in it pull the hair up and dry it straight up rather than down. This should lift ur roots up alittle to stop them lookin so flat 2 ur head.

    Now you don't want ur hair 2 look perfectly staright. if I have explained this so you understand then it will be straight so leave it at that and don't use the straighteners. This will take a few times b4 you start 2 get the hang of it but it should work out 4 ya

    • Thanks. sorry I knoe it was confusing I wasn't sure how to explain how I did it

    • Well I hoped I explained it enough 4 it 2 work out 4 ya

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  • You can try to blow all your hair then pick up the top part with a scrunchy straighten the battom a couple of times not to many of it will get flat then with a round brush go over the top to give it some volume so it won't be so flat then just play with it go threw it with your hand shake your hair then just let it fall into place