Cutting my hair, afraid I won't attract men anymore!

I've had long hair my entire life and frankly it's becoming a bit boring. I'm going to get a hair cut tomorrow and I fell in love with this cut/style:


I'm afraid though that I won't be as attractive since majority of men prefer long hair (I'm a brunette btw). But I said "Why not!" and if I don't like it it'll grow back... can't be too scared to try new things.

Do guys appreciate that attitude on women?


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  • Its hard to say with shorter hair, it really depends on your face shape/style.

    For me, the shorter the hair the cuter the girl has to be haha. Like Emma Watson with her pixie cut [though you're not going that short], she's still epic cute, but the majority of girls probably couldn't pull it off.[But I'm admittedly kind of picky]

    I think its cool you're willing to go for it though, its just hair in the end right?

    Just remember that guys [people in general] preferences run the scale.

    And to be honest I'm not sure if most guys prefer long hair, it just happens to be that most girls have long hair so there's more long haired girls with partners. For most, if you're cute/good looking, your hair isn't going to drastically change that impression.


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  • That's not too short at all. It looks really nice. Too short is Emma Watson short. Actually, shorter hairstyles are in fashion for women in 2011, especially the bob.

  • are you fat if not don't worry

  • I've had very little success approaching women with short hair as oppose long hair. It's like a women is saying I've had enough of sex for now, or I'm going to slow it down.

    As for your link... that's something of the look of a lesbian.

    • How the hell is that a "lesbian look"? Its just a simple bob haircut that a lot of straight women do actually have!

    • well I'm from California, near the Hollywood area, and driving by the lesbian clubs, I'll tell you they have such haircuts. That's where I base my observation from.

    • Why do fat girls think they look better with short hair they have a big head I thought it was about the head

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  • I say go for it! I've had a bit of a pixie cut for the last 2/3 years and I'm growing my hair at the minute (seems to be taking forever! :P) and will hopefully have a cut like that too! It actually made me laugh when I saw the image as that's my ideal haircut that I'm aiming for too.

    Like Bluemonk said, the majority of girls have long hair now so it "appears" as more desirable when really its just a distorted impression.

    It does also depend on your face shape as to how short you can take your hair. After all, as long as it suits you and you look good with that style, your still going to be attractive so there's no reason why guys wouldn't like you.

    Try looking at this site - link

    I used it when trying to decide whether or not to grow my hair. And it could even give you an idea for something that you never even considered, who knows!

    Hope that helps! :)

  • The hair doesn't make the attitude. It's all about your confidence.

    • make the woman****