Guys...What are the signs that you are physically attracted to your girl?

When the girl you love is around you sweat? do you become hyperactive? do you talk much? What are the signs you are physically attracted?


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  • umm I try to be closer ,tease her slowly ,find excuses to touch her,probably you can see it my eyes


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  • General arousal no doubt. My heart beats faster, I talk and get a little anxious. My senses definitely become super aroused.. smell, touch, everything...

  • My brain tells me "she's hot".

    • & then...? what signs appear on you?

    • Uh I can't stop checking her out. That's about it.

  • I'd say walking around with a hard on in her presence is clue enough. )>>>>>>>

    • How to identify this hard on? smth pointed & rigid down in the pants?

    • It's like he's pitching a tent, either directly straight or angling downwards or to the sides.

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  • He has a great big (or small--*sigh*) erection when you are near sometimes. If he has it all the time he may have a priapism. says:

    e·rec·tion (-rkshn)


    1. The act of erecting.

    2. Something erected; a construction.

    3. Physiology

    a. The firm and enlarged condition of a body organ or part when the erectile tissue surrounding it becomes filled with blood, especially such a condition of the penis or clitoris.

    b. The process of filling with blood.

    • I think this happens when you are about to have sex...not when he's simply around you

    • Healthy men have spontaneous erections all day and night long. Usually there is no reason for the erections;they just spring up just because. However, since I am trying to answer this lady's question about signs of her boyfriend being "happy to see her", I think that I would be remiss in mentioning the obvious motivation for one of some of his erections throughout the day. I worked with a guy who would pull a boner each time I walked into his area so I know how erections happen, Sweetie.

  • he probably will look at you a lot and can't take his eyes off you, then compliment you a lot like you have a nice body or what not. I mean, some guys will pretty much just let you know they like your body and are attracted to you. Or you ask them... you're slightly attracted to me? and they'd say, more than slightly.