Guy what are you thinking during extended eye contact?

What are you thinking while having extened eye contact with a girl? Does it mean you like her? Because me and my crush have a lot of extended eye contact? THANKS(:


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  • Are you asking about all men or you are asking man to answer your question based on their individuality? If you are asking about all men, can I ask you, "what are women thinking about when they are laughing"?

    Of course, it is hard and impractical question, right? Not all women are alike, not all men are alike. Thus, it really dependents upon the individuality, personality, and self-presenting of the man not all men because all men are not alike.

    Meanwhile, it could dependent on the situation. It is an intimate, hostle, filrting, blind date, or odd eye contact with man you meet in the shopping mall?

    YOur question is therefore, unanswerable and complicated so please simplify and maybe give the readers some details about why you are asking and what are your curiosity


    • dude you think to much

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  • Extended eye contact, especially if you aren't talking, can be reeeaaaaaaaaaaly sexual. If a girl I'm near sees me and looks right into my eyes with a sort of longing look, when I stare back I get a lot of the same feeling like when having sex with a girl, that sense of sharing an intimate moment.

    If I'm talking to her, it just means I'm interested in what she's saying.


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  • it definitely means a high level of attraction, when someone looks so intriguing and good looking, you just want to keep staring into their eyes and get lost in them...