How to dress to impress this guy?

I like this guy and he likes me (we over heard him telling his friends and he told my friend 'stupid move') but he is too shy to ask me out... I know he likes my personality because he likes to text me and hangout.. so I think its the way I dress and do my hair.. he is sporty play travel and rec baseball likes to watch football (LSU and Saints) likes to shoot hoops and hangout.. he is one of those kids who you will always see singing Ke$ha or Katy Perry to make funn of them, oh and he may be very shy when you meet him but when you text him he becomes a wannabe gangster (always says Yo, Foshizzle, and HomeDog) that's his personlity and I need to fit my look around it...


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  • How about you wear some jeans, a shirt and shoes and..

    Ask him out yourself..? Why is it that you HAVE to dress around him when you aren't even serious..? I hardly think dressing a different way will make him ask you out.


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  • its not very tough to do lol my style is totally different from other girls ( not preppy or freaky) but whatver I'm comfortable in and I seem to attract all different kinds of guys, I think these other girls are right, where what you like and are comfortable with because obviously that's what he likes you for I mean he met you and knows you for YOU right? then if yopu change the chances of him staying interested may fall, good luck

  • You shouldn't dress to impress a guy. Dress to impress yourself, wear whatever makes YOU feel sexiest.