Girls, what do you consider good looking or ugly?

what to you is a good looking person or an ugly person?


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  • to be honest every girl has different ideas of what is goodlooking and what's not

    i don't have one particular thing that I could say is goolooking because I meet guys who are totally different looking but I still find them attractive

    but for me right now what I think is just so good looking is indie guys ,

  • Anything that says they're healthy and masculine basically. In shape muscular guys are more attractive than fat guys who look like couch potatoes. Guys who keep themselves groomed (not as much as a girl) but who gets haircuts when they need them and facial hair under control are going to be more attractive than the guys who didn't care enough.

    In my opinion, no one is born pretty or ugly. By working out and updating your style anyone can be attractive.


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