Why does this girl smell so bad?

There is this girl in my class and she smells absolutely awful.It's not regular BO,but very hard to explain.You can smell her from across the classroom basically and makes me feel nauseous.She is very tall,and very big.This girl NEVER changes her clothes,I know this because she wore a pair of jeans with a big blood stain in the back for about a month.I'm assuming she doesn't bathe since her hair is thinning and dirty looking as well as smelling.Why won't her friends say anything to her?And how do I say something without offending her?I don't know how her life is outside of school but I know her parents are very friendly and wealthy.

Thanks everyone for your input.I am not good friends with her and only have two classes with her.She is a very friendly girl and has good grades but I never talk to her due to her hygiene.Does she know she smells?I also wonder why her friends don't say
Anything about her hygiene?


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  • If I had to guess I'd say she's on drugs. No normal person would have such a disregard for hygiene, especially to the point of their hair thinning. Other people mentioned medical related things, but I don't think so, I have a friend who is diabetic and I never noticed a smell and even when people are sick they don't smell that strongly and would still probably do their best to look clean. take a look at her fingernails and see if they are black or unhealthy looking. But I'm pretty sure she is taking some kind of drugs.

    • Diabetics usually only secrete the smell if their body is going through ketoacidosis, if treated they would unlikely have this problem. Basically the toxin is secreted through the skin's pores, and it is hard to control the smell through regular hygeine.

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  • Have you noticed her moods? Are they from one extreme to the other, or does she keep to her self? Whenever you're around her, do you constantly feel a negative vibe?

    At the very most, it could be that she is dealing with a sort of depression, or mental instability, causing her to lose hope, and become so melancholy, she doesn't even feel like getting up to take a shower or motivated to make herself presentable to others.

    That could be the case, or very least she could just have poor hygiene habits.

    Whatever it is, I would follow Enchanted x3's advice. Talk to a school counselor who could speak with her directly and privately. It still might be embarrassing for her, but at least it isn't one of her classmates having to relay that kind of news.

    Btw, It's very sweet of you to be concerned enough to post.

  • You say this girl is very big. If you mean obese, then she could be diabetic. The body odor of a diabetic is almost like a sickly sweet smell that is very pungent. On the other hand it could be because of poor hygeine and neglect. Jugding by her age and the fact that she has a strange body odor and thinning hair it could be medical though.

    If you are not good friends with her it would be a bad idea to bring up her odor, especially not knowing her situaion. If you are that concerned you might could talk to her and get know her better, but if I were you I would be more worried about her health than just the odor and appearance.

  • She might come from a poor family & doesn't shower very often. I'd want someone to tell me, but she might be hurt by it. There could be a bigger reason for her poor hygiene, it's your call if you wanna tell her.

  • she might be mentally ill or slow.

  • Maybe she is neglected if she looks like she doesn't bathe and wears the same clothes everyday. You should really tell a guidance counselor so they can take her aside and help her. Plus, her lack of hygiene and subsequent body smell must be disturbing students like you.

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